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Grand Theft Neptunia V
'After 9 years in development, hopefully it will be worth the wait.'
This mod will take a bunch of characters from Hyperdimension Neptunia into GTA V, along with their cuteness!

  • Anime-stylized models
  • Facial animations, making your waifus much more lively!
  • Direct replacements, minimizing the demands of additional plugins
  • Nep Nep

  • Neptune
  • Noire
  • Blanc
  • Vert
  • Nepgear
  • Uni
  • Rom
  • Ram
  • IF
  • Compa
  • Plutia
  • Uzume
  • Kurome
  • K-Sha
  • Nisa
  • RED

Video guide
  1. (If you haven't done this before) Download OpenIV. Install necessary addons via OpenIV -> Tools -> ASI Manager.
  2. (If you haven't done this before) Copy update/update.rpf to mods/update/, create one if the folder is absent.
  3. Copy the mods folder you have downloaded to the folder of your game (where the GTA5.exe is located).
  4. Launch OpenIV. Go into Edit Mode. Open mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml.
  5. Insert a line below the last line of dlcpacks, over the /Paths, with the contents of dlcpacks:/neptunia/

  6. For example: Your original dlclist.xml looks like this:

    Add a line like this:

  7. Save. Launch the game and enjoy!

Q: How should I make it work?
A: Read the Installations below or go to find a tutorial regarding installing mods for GTA V.

Q: I got stuck during gameplay in some missions (e.g. The Merryweather Heist, Monkey Business).
A: Due to technical reasons, custom proportions are implemented. To get the critical glitch around, try to make the mission failed or suicide for 3 times in a row, then you can skip the current part of the mission.

  • Compile Heart/Idea Factory/Tamsoft
  • Loyalists
  • Mr.Tank
  • Hentsi
  • Figmanya
  • Raffine52

  • Improved the support for FiveM
  • Added Nisa
  • Added RED

  • Fixed K-Sha's face

  • Improved the support for special usages (addonpeds, FiveM, ped swapping, etc)
  • Added K-Sha
  • Added Kurome as Tennis Coach
  • Add Paladin Uniform for Neptune
  • Remastered the model of Neptune
  • Bugs fixing

  • Initial Release
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