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If you play GTA 5 on a 32:9 aspect ratio you might have noticed that the HUD is all messed up. It is way to narrow and centered, which this mod aims to fix.

I managed to move the:
- minimap
- car name
- location text
- wanted level stars
- player money
- Pop up messages
- ammunition count
- weapon info
away from the center of the screen, to a more comfortable position.

- pop up messages are slightly stretched
- ammunition count is slightly strechted
- crosshair is slightly strechted
Sadly these bugs appered and I wasnt able to fix them, however these are IMO worthy trade offs, especially since the minimap is finally out of the way...

Put the "frontend.xml" file from the "modded file" folder into:
(enable edit mode in Open IV)

adjusted position for:
- vehicle name
- street name
- location name

- Somehow the 1.1 file got corrupted and wasnt usable anymore, so use this 1.2 one instead

I do not recommend you using this mod in the Online Mode of the game, since it could get you banned.
If you find any way to fix the bugs, feel free to tell me so I can update the mod.
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