Handling and Top Speed For 1970 Roadrunner 7.2

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(Version 7.2 fixes an occasional rollover issue when hitting bumps or curbs in high speed corners.)

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The 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner and other vehicles manufactured by subsidiaries of the Chrysler corporation in the late 60's and early 70's were actually some of the better handling cars of the time and even by current standards corner remarkably well for their size and age. This is attributed mainly to the vehicles torsion bar front and leaf spring rear suspension which is just as functional as it is primitive. In addition to having a more effective suspension system than most vehicles of the time, the 1970 Roadrunner was available with a monster 440 cubic inch 7.2L big block V8 Equipped with three two barrel Holly carburetors as opposed to the standard single 2 or 4 barrel Carter carbs. Similar to the 454 found in the SS Chevelle, the Chrysler 440 produces such immense torque that less powerful versions than the Six Pack were used to power Winnebago motorhomes and thus neglected vintage motorhomes have now laughably become a parts source for low buck muscle car engine swaps.
The 440 Six Pack's factory output was advertised at 390 horsepower and 490 foot pounds of torque and like most other factory performance engines of the time it was mildly underrated to prevent unwanted attention from insurance companies that were homing in on the factory race car scene hell bent on making an extra dollar. Despite it's large cast iron V8 engine the first generation Road Runners are relatively light cars weighing in between 3300 and 3600 pounds depending on optional equipment and unlike the Chevele SS the Roadrunner actually has a chance of making it around the occasional corner at reasonable speeds.
I recommend using the LeFix Speedo so you can see what speed you crashed at.

To get the rusty beater look from the screenshots just download ZIPPO RAIDS rust buckets mod here

Two separate handling files are included, 3 speed automatic and 4 speed manual. You may use only one at a time.

To install with OpenIV you simply copy one of the two new handling files you intend to use and replace the blades handling line in the hipster dlc pack.

Install path: Mods/X64w.rpf/dlcpacks/mphipster/dlc.rpf/common/data
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