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Another blyatmobile comes to GTA V, except that this time it's a bit newer than its predecessor.
Initially, the model had absolutely no enginebay, underside (detail), interior (lower) and trunk mesh, so those had to be made from scratch.

(0.85) [Current]
-Minor model improvements;
-Changed carvariations.meta;
-Edited engine sound.
-Major model alterations and remapping;
-Tail light split into two different parts (upper is now an indicator);
-New headlight texture;
-Added modkit;
-(Unconfirmed) Fixed engine sound not playing.
-Handling changes: Nerfed brake force, buffed engine power and reduced suspension upper/lower limit;
-Redone badges, written in latin rather than cyrillic;
-Russian plates removed from main model (it will be included in the modkit, possibily on 2.0).
-EDDLM: Fixed in-game name display error;
-EDDLM: Changed handling.meta;
-Made some improvements to the interior mapping;
-Reduced the wheel size.
-Fixed glass not crashing.
-Initial release.

@ Red Dot Games : Original model
@ Rockstar Games : Model bits
@ Myself : Model edits, badges, sound edits
@ Thundersmacker : Bonnet hinges
@ GCT: Rims
@ Yoel_44 : Light texture bits
@ Eddlm : Bug fixing, revamped handling, revamped carvariations, in-game screenshots
@ 13Stewartc : In-game screenshots, dlc.rpf
@Axslayer33: In-game screenshots

Spawn Name: bistro

Ask for permission in order to edit. Thank you.

Sound data (.rel) files for this car were ripped from my FiveM server, which has many other entries, meaning i could've possibily forgot something. Contact me if you can't hear any (or all) sounds.
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