Nissan GTR Legendary Tuners Edition 0.1

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Old convert I did, instead of letting i collect dust on my hard drive, decided to upload here. It was a while ago, I dont recall all of the issues, but I believe the only (known) issue would be that I dont think I ever did the dials, if some interest is shown, more than happy to rectify this issue.

Please report any other issues below as well and I will do my best to get them sorted.

Uses this as the audio:

High quality exterior
Mid poly interior / engine bay
Dirt mapped body and windows
Colour changable headlights via secondary colour

(known) Bugs:
Carbon / interior are effected by dirtmap, looks a bit ugly
Tuning option for front bumper removes front bumper as well as rear fenders
Wheels weren't swapped correctly so small artificing happens when tires pop
(I do plan at some stage to rectify these issues, but it being an older project, will be on the backlog)

Base model: Need for speed unbound
Conversion: Huskyy
SP conversion: Elio

Be sure to join my discord to keep up to date with current projects, please be warned I don't have a tone of free time, and progress is usually slow, please keep this in mind before joining:


1. copy the "r35legend" folder into your \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks

2. add the following line to your dlclist, location: \mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml


spawn name: r35legend
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