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Ok! Here is the deal with this mod.
Let's face it! Keyboard and mouse are awesome, but they were not made for driving games, right?

So, what is the problem with keyboards anyway? Every Time you press A or D the car go all over the place, especially if you are slowly cruising around the town.

The solution? This mod!!! \o/

V 1.2

- Fix all the s**** from the previous update (brakes are back to normal);
- Now with two options - steering 1.7 and 2.0
- That's it! If you see some vehicles acting strangely, please let me know. ;) (but politely. Not like @ArGaMer did.)

V 1.1
(I didn't expect people to like these changes, but here's a little update.)

- All cars in one file (Sweet, right? Or not...I don't know! You tell me.);
- "Normal" aceleration for "super" cars;
- Better suspension (Vanilla suspension can suck my d****!);
- Option with increased deformation;
- No police cars included. (the AI can't handle the changes).

Gently tapping A or D now makes the car behave like you were slowly turning the wheels to the left or right. You can also hold A or D in a wide curve. The down side? Making tight curves in low speed can be challenging, but if you calculate in advance (and with a little bit of practice)it's not really a problem.

Another change: if you let go the gas ( W ) the car will keep going for a longer strech before coming to a stop. This prevents you having to keep accelerating all the time.

Another problem is the awful vanilla braking system. Everytime you press S the car stops like it was being driven by a 12 years old and makes that annoying "Ghhiiirrr!!!" (rubber against the ground sound) instead of a nice and soft "fizzzzzz!!!" (braking discs forcing against each others).

(I'm working on a way to remove the short braking soundFX, but no luck so far. If some one know were I can find these sounds please let me know.)

Handbrakes are much more smoother now. But the best part is that using the handbrake ( SPACE ) slowly decreases your speed instead of just immediately locking the rear wheels. You can just hold SPACE and watch your vehicle slowlly coming to a stop. If it dosen't stop in time press S and everything will be just fine. ;)

Why I didn't altered the BRAKES intensity instead? Because the AI, especially the cops, can't handle the changes and start going all over the place crashing in to everything. :(

I also made a version with slower acceleration option.

Note: This mod is not for everyone! Some will like it, some will hate it. I made the alterations for personal use only, but then I decided to make it available, because there's always someone out there that may like it.

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