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    How to fix this......

    We all love PC don't we ? (politically correct) :p!

    Make this transgender (not really) and Rockstar will never mess whit it again for fear of being sued by offended and oh so hurt transgendered activist !

    This as been a political satire !

    31. oktober 2016
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    I hate turbulence !

    30. oktober 2016
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    What's wrong with the "70's classic hulk" ?

    18. september 2016
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    Ah well for me I'll never be satisfied until it looks like that:

    The avengers Hulk is not bad (best yet) but his mannerism are to ape like and not monster like, and his teeth are to small.

    Well that's the way it is when you read the comic as a kid in the 70s :)

    R.I.P. Herb Trimpe !

    11. september 2016
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    I for one don't like it.......on real bikes! so....

    It was implemented to reduce the electrical need of the charging system, not to improve the lights or safety ect.

    27. august 2016
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    It's all good !
    But the only thing I would dare criticize is that for it to be a truly cafe race it would need clip on's or something to make the bars lower.

    14. august 2016
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    Nice !
    it looks better than the real one somehow !
    But you made me think I would love to see a TL1000S !

    13. august 2016
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    Question: is it possible to change the perspective ?
    What I means is, to me there as always been a lens effect (like you see the world trough a lens) that is most apparent when flying or on top of mountains.. and it makes the world look really small.
    It seems ok when you are on the ground but as soon as you go up you lose the sense of height and everything just gets smaller not farther away.
    This was not a problem in the old San Andreas !
    I used to play it stereo 3d and it was good !

    24. juni 2016
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    Replace Chop with a girl :)

    1. januar 2016
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