corpse county
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  • Gtao47

    * F U C K I N G L E G E N D A R Y *

    5. oktober 2018
  • Gtao47

    my homie jesus pissed with how los santos been runnin for a while now he reincarnated to fuck some shit up and bring back law n order

    19. september 2018
  • Gtao47

    @mrbadass openiv export to png then edit with gimp and export as dds make sure you match the mip map levels and the correct dxt* compression too

    20. august 2018
  • Gtao47

    @SamuelOlson1701 far as i know she literally said on instagram that she lied about it. and it was proven that her pregnant beating allegations were lies as well. too bad your parents never teach you any respect and youre here keyboard warrioring deathwishes to a young dead person. i was gonna say white people, but not even white people are this disrespectful. "shoulda been shot sooner?" smh

    11. august 2018
  • Gtao47

    holy fuck this is actually amazing oml
    first second on the video i heard the start of the music and thought "well there it goes another shitty dubstep remix" but nope the music is on point and fits the game and feel. good work man holy shit

    8. august 2018
  • Gtao47

    @R001br @GianniPower @HausThePlagueDoctor im working on an update right now. i have real cool new blood splatter (which will be redder) and all new blood splats and soaking with real life blood stained clothing and shit that i extracted from images and videos into the game, and all new edited blood splatter and realistic anatomically correct wounds along with thicker and bigger and higher resolution blood pools among other things. it will be a full rework of this mod and it will be better than ever, on god. i got good feelings about whats upcoming. especially how a lot of mods have been straight stealing my textures and ideas this mod is bad compared to the update im working on. ill look into making it an oiv version as well.

    7. august 2018
  • Gtao47

    these are mad underrated oml how do you do these? they look amazing. i had to double take several times before realizing these are not rockstar made interiors but custom ones.
    im still not fucking sure if you made these yourself or if theyre from rockstar but they look amazing jesus

    2. august 2018
  • Gtao47

    Y E S

    31. juli 2018
  • Gtao47

    im dead he looks like the type creepy old white dude that tries to fit in with the kids despite being 40 years old and he probably does skateboarding too smh

    31. juli 2018
  • Gtao47

    good shit my dude good shit

    8. juli 2018