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    @Eddim It would be absolutely superb if you were put to some sort of config option for either no time limit or an adjustable time limit, i tried doing the first delivery 10 times and its just too harsh.

    3. februar 2017
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    @Hingo your mod is still working, at least it is with the latest scripthooks (2.9.4), but all my original problems with it remain, can't get rid of the pipboy or change its controller buttons (or turn them off) and it still disables my radio regardless of settings.

    I'm guessing you've stopped working on it though.

    30. januar 2017
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    @Hingo Well is it dead?

    28. januar 2017
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    The time limit ruins it totally, what a shame.

    28. januar 2017
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    @Hingo just updated to SH 2.7, looks like everything is still ok, at least none of my mods errored out on startup anyways.

    26. april 2016
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    @Hingo The stutter never went away for me, it just kept on. build 350 never stutters, except for when all my mods are loading buts that under 10 seconds and is expected, build 617 stuttered constantly and utterly ruined the game, and again 617 added nothing of interest to the singleplayer portion of the game (some dlc cars? big whoopy), i can't tell any difference between 350 and 617 except the stutters.

    25. april 2016
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    @Hingo latest update? Heres hoping your mod will run on my setup then, im running GTA 5 build 350 (version 2), and whatever version of .net scripthook came out in january of this year, stopped bothering with updates since none of them were adding much of anything to singleplayer (which is where i spend all my time) and worse yet the newest update i had tried (build 617) killed most of my mods and made the game stutter like crazy, i uninstalled it from steam and didn't look back for a week or two until i realized i could downgrade it to an old version.

    24. april 2016
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    @Hingo heres a couple of ideas, or at least wishes

    I'm hoping all of the items in the game that we find from exploring will have a purpose or at least be worth money (like actual in game money), you could put traders at all of the farmer's fruit stands, and on vespucci beach to make all those shop stalls have purpose again.

    Another thing to encourage exploration in the game world would be to code up some sort of script that makes every door in the game activatable by the user, when you walk up to any door, press E to "enter" the building or pick the doors lock if its locked (at which point the script calls up a random mostly appropriate interior for that door, and your warped into it, the script will spawn a random number of 'inhabitants' who can serve different purposes, if the door was locked they will be hostile, if you entered peaceably then maybe they will trade with you)

    14. april 2016
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    @Hingo sent you another small donation, hopefully they are making it to you, its not much or anything, keep up the good work.

    13. april 2016
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    @Hingo how are things shaping up? figured i would drop a line again.

    looking forward to the new version.

    Also @mrlucamk the problem with basebuilding or building a safehouse is that too many foreign objects cause the game to quit spawning props/car variety drops/parked cars, same issue happens when you abuse the persistence mod and keep like 30 cars parked, you stop seeing props and parked cars.

    Just like too many map blips = broken map, just like turning on the "MP" map also breaks the SP map (michael's house suffers the worst from this)

    12. april 2016