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    @420x420 but where ? when i go in OpenIV in the "mod" folder this do not exist. It goes only to x64u.
    Maybe i need to play longer ? I have started a new game...

    12. november 2017
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    Es hat im mods Ordner keine x64v.rpf .... endet bei x64u.rpf!
    Allerdings habe ich gesehen das viele Mods dieses "mysteriöse" x64v.rpf nutzen. Was mach ich falsch ???

    8. november 2017
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    where is this locaton ??? GTAV/mods/x64v.rpf/models/cdimages/streampeds_player.rpf/player_one

    x64v.rpf doesnt exist ! its goes only to x64u.rpf in the mods folder.. can u help me ?

    So many skins (like Cars or this) uses location that doesnt exist. Why ? oO
    sorry for my bad english :)

    8. november 2017