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  • 476a0c 1c92a8 cover joe jackson82

    I love this modification and appreciate the insane amount of effort you've put into it. One thing that bothers me a bit, there's way too many props at the Griffith Observatory. I grew up going there all the time and you never see people place down umbrellas or anything like that. There's no palm trees there either. The way Rockstar has it by default is actually very accurate, so I'd love for a way to disable the changes there.

    Another suggestion is to severely reduce the amount of hotdog stands, as I have almost no recollection of seeing that many of them in the years I lived there.

    27. april 2020
  • 476a0c 1c92a8 cover joe jackson82

    @Alex106 Amazing!!! You are the best man. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your responsiveness and constant updates. Thank you!

    25. april 2020
  • 476a0c 1c92a8 cover joe jackson82

    Is there anyway you can bring back the old mirror that used to be in the high-end apartment?

    21. april 2020
  • 476a0c 1c92a8 cover joe jackson82

    This is stunning! I love Google Earth and never thought it'd be possible to bring maps over to GTA V. I sincerely hope you continue doing it. It feels almost like a completely different game while flying around.

    20. april 2020