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  • Franklin2

    No, the main one. "C:\Windows\temp".

    I had issues with the last instalation. Too many incompatible scripts together. I didn't get the real point too, but searching about 'System.IO' troubleshooting I saw this solution somewhere. Then it worked.

    Maybe I had a dirty script mod using others extensions out of the game, don't know.

    2. juli 2021
  • Franklin2


    I solved the problem cleaning the Windows Temp folder \0/

    Working fine again!!

    1. juli 2021
  • Franklin2

    I'm reinstaling GTAV with few scripts (Bennys motor, SPA II and Enable all interiors)

    Your mod always worked fine. But now after installing it I just can see the blips in the map. The interactive cursor is not shown and I receive this message on scripthook dotnet logfile:

    "[ERROR] Failed to instantiate script INM_Dealership_Custom.ElitasT because constructor threw an exception: System.IO.IOException: O arquivo já existe.

    em System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
    em System.IO.Path.InternalGetTempFileName(Boolean checkHost)
    em INMNativeUI.Sprite.WriteFileFromResources(Assembly yourAssembly, String fullResourceName) na E:\Users\Bartholomew\Documents\GitHub\INMNativeUI\Elements\Sprite.cs:linha 180
    em INM_Dealership_Custom.ElitasT.ReadMainMenu()
    em INM_Dealership_Custom.ElitasT..ctor()"

    I've just tried everything I think I know, but nothing solves the case. I see blips on map but not in the place, blocking me to interact. PDMC works fine.

    1. juli 2021
  • Franklin2

    I tried install it with Liberty V main map and got "Zelib call error"

    8. juni 2021
  • Franklin2

    Any possibility to merge it to Liberty V map?

    7. juni 2021
  • Franklin2

    Amazing car, man! One of the bests around here. Anyway, I can't change its main color. ANy tips?

    20. mai 2021
  • Franklin2

    Can you tell the locations where I can put the files to a Annihilator replacement? I already did part of it, it flies, but rotors are frozen yet. If its possible, as wel...

    5. mai 2021
  • Franklin2

    How do I discover where to replace those files??

    21. februar 2020