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    The problem that I have with this mod is the same that I have with Single Player Apartments kills the headlights of the cars at night. Not just the player car, but all cars. The LIGHTS on the cars appear to be on, but they do not illuminate the road or surroundings so it is very dark. They will turn off when you cross certain thresholds in the map. Sometimes they turn back on, other times they do not. The first few times that they turn off, you can open and close the map and it will reset them again. But they continue to turn off. Considering how much time you spend driving at night, this really is game-breaking for me. Without SPA or SPAO, everything works fine. But as soon as I install these mods, my headlights will begin to fail to illuminate the road at night. This is running a clean install of GTA V with no other mods, nearly all graphic settings maxed. If anyone ever finds a fix for this issue for SPA or SPAO, please let me know. As of now, I cannot play with this mod.

    28. september 2018