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    @AyRico I gave up now for sure, id just doesn`t work :(

    17. mai 2020
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    @SketchyFpv no i haven` sort it out. Even i put new Windows but it`s worse, cannot install script... i gave up.

    4. april 2020
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    Hi, i am struggling to use quadcopter mod. It just doesn't work. After hitting tab no quadcopter icon. Anybody can help please ?

    25. mars 2020
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    Hi All,
    i have installed ScriptHookV , quadcopter mod , even uninstalled Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2019 and installed older 2015 reqired. x360ce also in the folder but once i run it open and close itself and open again in a bit different position. Also after hitting TAB no quadcopter icon. Anybody help PLEASE i need to FPV in GTA 5 becasue there is pandemic and i cannot fly with my stuff. THANK YOU whoever help !

    24. mars 2020