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    @BLACKHACK09 'I'm joking xD really like lhis paintjob' - NO You weren't.

    @fouzberzerk - 'Build your own computer.' <-- Create and Build your own MOD's so we can be-little YOUR efforts.

    @All other whiners - it's a good thing we still have freedom of choice, for those that don't understand, it works like this:

    1.) You see something you like created by a person who spent his/her own time on, even if it is just a texture - he/she then decides he would like to SHARE with others and confirms this emotion by placing it on a web site that is FREE to use for all, and that doesn't require it's members to PAY for ANY of the mod's it's users so graciously work on to enhance the joy of playing a GAME.

    2.) That same decision making process is available to the NON-MODer's - let me spell this out.

    a) You DON'T have to browse here.
    b) You DON'T have to DL anything you don't want to.
    c) You DON'T even have to click on a specific MOD, and YOU sure DON'T have to take your precious time commenting on something you think is worthless when clearly your contributions are either vastly superior, or all said contributions amount to either zero or none.

    ANY thing that is changed from default, even if it's one pixel, is a MOD by very definition. What if the guy starts with textures, really likes the outcome and the process that led to it, and it inspires within him to learn more, and slowly he may become one of the best creative MOD'ers this site/game has ever seen. I wouldn't blame him if he goes back through every one of his mod's reading the comments and making note of all his detractors in an effort to not reward those who helped to keep him feeling down and unappreciated. Of course that same person WOULD NEVER do that, despite the negativity, you and those just like you would be free to DL said MOD's even though you DON'T deserve to be part of the benefactors of ANY mod created by people that not only share their creativity, they maintain it, update it, debug it, try and problem solve the more obscure issues that some face, and all that on their OWN time and for FREE.

    That's why the donate feature is available, you have no right to complain UNLESS you are invested in the mod either through donations, or contributions to the working-bits of the mod itself.

    Grow up people, and stop acting like these people OWE you something!

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    21. september 2015
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    @diamond-optic - I wonder, would you be able to share your specific config? Like maybe just copy paste the text, even right here? I see what your getting at though, I too would simply like to preserve the number of entries by 'swapping' the troubled entries with the known good config.

    or, you could email it to me @ if you would like.
    Question, which of the train.xml's do you use, you mentioned the no flatcars one? Like, myself, I am using the multiple engines 'with' the flatcars.

    @walter, this is incredibly embarrassing, but since I have never really played online I am more than a bit 'noob' regarding the social aspects of it (no facebook either)

    Also, I have the R* version, as a collector of games and movies, I like having the actual boxed sets.
    That Said, and believe it or not, I have had a steam account since the very beginning - BUT the half-life 'Orange Box' was the last game I actually bought and played using steam, before just recently that is, now I am using steam to play Batman AK (Free with MV GPU purchase) So, it's been a long time!
    Is it still helpful to use steam somehow in regards to this situation, despite the fact that my GTAV is the R* version?

    I would certainly like to help wherever I can, but I am sorta old school you know?

    Anyway, let me know about the file, I may try editing it on my end - I have PLENTY of backups, this game has just become so addicting! I mean really, the game + modders truly deserves the word 'epic,' not as it is tossed around today, but TRULY epic!

    Thanks guys


    19. september 2015
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    @diamond-optic - what 3 new models (& lines in trains.xml) specifically? i'd like to try myself - let me know what to change and I will try it, see if it solves it for me too and report back..

    19. september 2015
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    @All-of-You-With-Issues (GAME/MOD issues only please! .. lol) Just out of curiosity, are any of you using  'VAutodrive' ? Updated to v5.2.3 the other day - just when this started happening, gonna remove it and test.

    19. september 2015
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    maybe we should somehow compare notes, like -

    1) When did this start for you?
    2) What version of the game are you running?
    3) How many, or what specific mod's are you running that required you to manually edit various config files that may interact with this mod. Carvariations & vehicle.meta's etc..

    4) The specific config of this MOD we are using - @diamond-optic - good piece of info there, I always run the multiple engines with flat-cars - I love getting in those things and turning on a ped 'Chaos' mod and picking off the crazies one by one!

    But I digress,

    @walter, will do, I will be sure to notify and add you right away.


    19. september 2015
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    @aidenatt & @walter - I've got the same problem, I've reinstalled the mod, changed scripthookv(net) versions, and no help. Also using J10's mod - but the game crashes as the train approaches, but not always, it just started doing this - if the train doesn't crash the game I can get on it and run it at over 250k/mph around the map - can't seem to find a common denominator regarding the config of the train that crashes, long, short, tankers, no tankers etc and so on - not sure what else to look at, sucks cuz I just got the game stable in every other way after months of tinkering and what not, I run 3 displays (Nvidia surround) and also in 3D (NV 3DVision) @ 5860 x 1080 - so this was no easy feat!

    As a result i'v learned an awful lot about the in's and out's of OpenIV & GTA V Modding in general, and have been using your MOD since the beginning, as an avid train fan and hobbyist, this REALLY adds to the experience for me, so I say thank you and rate this @ 5 stars (which was a long time coming anyway) if you have any ideas or need me to do any testing, let me know, I might try an older version to see if that may help. Also, noticed my object limit was 250, but could swear it was/should be higher than that - prob doesn't matter for this issue anyway.

    Also, this seems to have occurred after the last update, which I have since reverted files to the 393.4 version, which was perfect just before the update, but even this didn't fix it. I run the game offline for now, never even loaded up the online portion, figured once the game was stable enough, I might, but it's not really my thing.

    Thanks again!

    18. september 2015
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    I think I might have figured out why some are having issues with installing into the 'x64e' path.

    Both of the 'YFT' files included are the SAME size! The one labled 'issi2.YFT' is in fact a mislabeled 'issi2_hi.YFT.

    When u open it in 'openIV' it even says in the top-left corner ' pack:/issi2_hi '

    I'm not sure if i'm right, but in comparison to other similar 'sets' of car files, it would seem to suggest I am.

    Why it still spawns the OTHER way I have no idea, BUT - installing it in the 'patchday3ng' location also puts it into the traffic cycle to spawn naturally. That would be fine, except many spawn with misplaced parts that are very obvious and not pretty to look at.

    I had to dig deeper into this cuz I have MANY car mods installed and they have ALWAYS worked without exception, until this one that is.

    If the OP could be so kind as to see if there is anything to this, it would be great because I LOVE THIS MOD and would love and will use it if I can figure this out. I won't rate you until I know what's a-miss. Thank you for ALL the great MODs in general though.

    3. september 2015
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    LOL - If you apply the 'Sunstrip' it looks like he has ears, kind of like cat ears!

    In all seriousness this MOD is really fantastic - I can't seriously thank you enough for the honor of driving around such an iconic piece of Hollywood history! Now all I need to truly bring back that thrill of being young again is my 1971 Chevy Nova SS to be "GTA V'ified" - it's that classic tale of restoring a classic car with your bare hands, then selling it to get married and start a family - with the absolute WRONG woman that I am now divorced from! The best thing I got out of it was my son, he was very wanted by me and he is with me primarily to this day, thank god. He starts 6th grade tomorrow and I realize that more than likely I will never have the resources again to own the real thing, seeing as how the value of any one of these classic cars has sky-rocketed and is comparable to BRAND NEW middle & high-end cars! So, if you could help make this a reality, I don't have much but you have my word I will donate what I can.

    Thanks for the fun, and the possibility of considering my request.

    Chris (Soulketcher)

    30. august 2015
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    Could you possibly make a Chevy Nova SS? the frontend on this is similar to the frontend of the 1973/74 yr's - My ideal would be a Chevy Nova from the years 1968 - 72 with SS badging, but beggars can't be choosers -

    Maybe possible to make THIS mod into a 2 door coupe model?

    Thank you for your consideration of this idea, never requested a mod before, this would mean the WORLD to me, never had the honor of owning any game with this car in it. - And yes, I owned a 73 nova straight 6 and a 1971 Nova SS - 454, 4 SPD Tranny, 4bl Carb, hood louvers dual exhaust etc. I would find a way to donate if you can make this dream come true.

    28. august 2015
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    I should add, that the 'Menyoo' Speedo that I said 'works properly,' only really does so relative to a multi-display setup.

    In other words, it's the right size, it's on the proper display (primary/middle - to the lower right) - there are options for colors and there are settings for imperial/metric - you get in a car & it's there, the needle moves when you go - HOWEVER it is NO way accurate - but it IS dependable. So my bigger point is, THIS MOD, with better 'res' / 'scaling' capabilities would really be the best speedo mod available as of now.

    21. august 2015