S. Mississippi
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  • 5cc6b3 alien

    It worked so fast and easy. I had a lot of mods and haven't played in about a year so it was was a little frustrating trying to find everything that needed updating. It's way easier to just wipe all mods and start new. Thanks a lot! :)

    25. april 2019
  • 5cc6b3 alien

    I love this mod but it stopped working for me with this last update :( I updated script hook and script hook dot net. What am i forgetting?

    23. desember 2017
  • 5cc6b3 alien

    @Zievs Great looking car. I love Mustangs. This would be AWESOME with a fastback option.

    25. november 2017
  • 5cc6b3 alien

    @HypeerBeats not really. I'm still new to this. lod distance i think is just to keep from disappearing. Search the forum. good luck

    8. oktober 2017
  • 5cc6b3 alien

    @HypeerBeats open 13fmb302/dlc.rpf/data and pull out the vehicles.meta file. Then find "<lodDistances content="float_array"> below that you'll see a series of numbers. Edit those numbers. I don't know what the correct numbers should be but I made all of them 500.000000 and it works perfectly. It usually does with any car that you have this problem. I use Notepad++ to edit

    4. oktober 2017
  • 5cc6b3 alien

    @ata386 I'm not complaining. It's only a bug if you have it spawn randomly. So far absolutely no other issues. Would be nice to put a Super Snake Shelby spoiler on it but i love the car. Another change I tried and like is the audiohashtag from dominator to ztype. To me, it sounds more like a Coyote engine. It is a great car and thank you @Al3x_M3rc3r for the add on conversion. I LOVE Mustangs!!! 😃

    1. oktober 2017
  • 5cc6b3 alien

    I like it. It looks great and works great. I used the add on and add it to popgroups. I had to change all of the distance numbers *I don't know what they're called* to 500 otherwise the wheels disappeared, and I had to add some more color variations but I really like it. Thanks

    30. september 2017
  • 5cc6b3 alien

    Thanx. Love it. Would be great if it did two quick chirps, like a realistic alarm, but it's still an awesome mod. this is my first time updating it since 1.6.1 and i like this one better. Two thumbs way up :)

    25. september 2017
  • 5cc6b3 alien

    F you use OpenIV, it should tell you your update.rpf is out of date and ask you if you want to copy the new one. Do it. Your addons and other mods will still be there, you just have to redo your dlclist, extratitles, vehicles.meta and handling. Note that Rock* added mpspecialraces and patchday14ng to the dlclist.

    18. mars 2017
  • 5cc6b3 alien

    Looks great. I only wish the back of the car was the paint color, not skin color. but it works. Good job

    27. februar 2017