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  • 7867d7

    @Yaash It seems that GTAV with Executives and Other Criminals Expansion Pack is not actually an expansion pack but just a free update for multiplayer back in 2015. So everyone should have it already? I have no idea why the creator wrote it like that.

    9. februar 2021
  • 7867d7

    Hey. Like the dude a few comments up asked: is there anyway to change back "Open menu" to Ctrl + I instead of F10?
    I had the spiderman mod and now the menu opens with F10. Anyone know how?

    8. februar 2021
  • 7867d7

    HERE IS THE FIX to the game crashing on activating powers or on jumping: You need to get an older version of ScriptHookVDotNet. I tried 2.10.5 and it worked. The older versions are on github. I also tried the Captain America script mod with this older version of SHVDN and it worked too along with iron man mod from JulioNib. So give it a try.
    This fix is thanks to EL1M1NAT0R that commented this further up. I don't think people read the comments looking for a fix or they would have seen his fix but anyways it worked for me.

    This mod is amazing btw. The swinging in this mod is on par with an actual Spider-man game. JulioNibs spiderman mod has terrible swinging. He's an amazing modder but he couldn't even get close to this guys swinging physics.

    7. februar 2021
  • 7867d7

    @sollaholla Have you ever thought of collaborating with JulioNiB? As far as I understand he wants to make a spiderman mod some day. This mod is already fucking amazing, especially since the last update. But if you guys teamed up it would be truly legendary.

    23. juli 2018
  • 7867d7

    @TheRunningChaser Why didn't you just install it in the mods folder? If anything goes wrong you can just remove it. Isn't that what the mods folder is for?

    23. juli 2018
  • 7867d7

    @SBGREAT I have no idéa how to fix that but if you really want to play this mod you can download a version of the game that works with this mod. I posted a comment further up with a link. I'm sure sollaholla is a busy dude and doesn't really have time to through every individual troubleshooting. But there's an alternative for you atleast.

    20. januar 2018
  • 7867d7

    @ooosym Yeah, that would be really cool. Even better if we could do it while web swinging too, increasing or decreasing the length of the web. It would allow for repelling down to the ground or increasing the length while attached to a building for greater swinging momentum.

    8. januar 2018
  • 7867d7

    @stillhere Okay cool, thanks. There may also be a conflict when you are calling back Mjolnir. It sometimes doesn't work correctly and the hammer just spins around the character and if you let go of the R key the hammer goes back to the target again.

    Aside from these two minor inconveniences, awesome mod dude :)

    6. januar 2018
  • 7867d7

    When I fly with this mod (shift+space) I can go in any direction except for up. It's very strange. Any idéas of why?

    3. januar 2018
  • 7867d7

    How do we disarm enemies? It's not in the list of controls.

    2. januar 2018