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    I created something similar for GTAIV back in the day, the difference was that you had an INI file where you could define 8 ped models to be gang leader, and up to 8 mobs acompannying the leader. They spawned at random times in the map (I defined 10 different specific spots), with a blip, and a message in the screen "There's a menace in the city". This gave the player the hability to have a structured "mission like" scenario to play with the different player models (if you use Batman for example, you could set Joker, Deathstroke, etc, as enemies and fighting them as they appear randomly). With all that said, It would be nice if your mod would make something similar. You set some enemy peds, and they appear far away in the map with some mobs, randomly, so you have a reason to be Batman, Flash, Thor, etc.

    29. november 2023