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  • 723b99 20200523 220322

    @MrKote Will it be in conflict if I have WOV caracara and download this one?
    Also did you manage to fix the towing?

    5. juni 2020
  • 723b99 20200523 220322

    Quick question...
    Does this mod also affects NPC chases to make them more real?
    I dont have any police mod installed but I like to chase criminals with cops when chase happens in game. But its really sketchy because they ram me also...

    23. mai 2020
  • 723b99 20200523 220322

    Perfect changes, totally should have been in the game from the start.
    I had also problem with liveries like CarlWheezer, checked .meta but the solution is deleting and then adding the new model files. That fixed the problem.

    27. april 2020