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  • E3e124 jupiter

    @xcaps It can be problem with the expected memory layout. This mod uses specific offsets from the player handle ptr to change the hash. It may change with a new release, but for me, it works with the newest version too.
    If the 'Character Swap' mod by 'Unknown Modder' crashes too, then we found the problem.

    Otherwise my suggestion is to reinstall this mod, and start settings from defaults. And if you have addon peds installed, change all '/' signs in dlc pack paths to '\'.

    30. juni 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    New, compiler v2 scripts at:

    22. juni 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @N8_Gamez And also note, that an IPL remover will not remove the Collisions (YBN). With an IPL remover, you just get an invisible, solidified map. :D

    16. juni 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @N8_Gamez You need to edit the "update/update.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5/images.meta" to get something back.
    Consider using Your Own Storyline (YOS), it will automatically handle hospitals and polices, or use a fallback location, if none found, Read the doc (opcodes 0034 to 003B), original hospitals and those set with natives are no longer valid. Though it will require some scripting, but with the new compiler, you can do it. Best choice, if you want a Total Conversion.

    16. juni 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @jedihacker2002 You can mak it, BUT not as it had to be done earlier. This mod offers a total mission script replacement, so besides the mission itself, you have to implement all of the remaining functionality, like phone, game save, and such scripted things. I will slowly upload more code samples to my website...

    13. juni 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @jogbot500 Empty map version specifies the Minimum version of the game required. So it can be used with the newest game too.
    If you have stray collisions or models present, just tell me the coordinates.

    10. juni 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @legendario9991 @kazuma-libra I have nothing to do with Epic Games or any other version.
    First, Alexander Blade will do a new ScriptHookV. Then, after a few weeks I notice it, download its C++ SDK, and update this Pascal code to be able to work with that new version. Most of the time it means an eGameVersion enumeration being updated - nothing more.

    1. juni 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @CarryBrah We need more details. When does this problem occur? What keypress, what feature gets used, which model, etc?

    1. juni 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @xcaps It'll be a Sims 4 look-alike world. Based on photos from the original game, but with lots of imagination, it will be 20-40% similar.
    Answering your question: the current compiler will not help you any way, cannot handle names, and because of this, and the nature of both GTA 5 scripting complexity and the YOS differences, it is not *very hard*, but not easy either to write a correctly working script. If someone (most scripters) used to script the GTA in dotnet, it will be harder than if you were used to program the game in C. Btw, it requires you to partially adapt to the obsolete SCM scripting.
    The new compiler aims to help you with using named variables (instead of merely numbered ones), named functions (instead of having to know the opcode and/or native hash), when it will be ready.

    I hope this *little* information does not scare you...
    And I'll upload the mod here, the gta5 mods site.

    Cheers ;)

    25. mai 2020
  • E3e124 jupiter

    @pyckdiegoXxxD That is not a problem, it lies somewhere deeper. I'll need to find the exact cause.

    17. mai 2020