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  • Gtao44

    @Shadow NVE has his own wildlife system, it'll add, delete and modify the flora and the fauna on his own. So adding a vegetation mod OVER (so replacing) the base vegetation, props and trees of NVE will obviously make the FoSA:R mod interfer with NVE, causing big performance loss. I have the same problem, my RTX 3050 drops to ~20 fps when in the forest with the mod, while ~40 fps when outside the forest.

    27. november 2022
  • Gtao44

    The mod doesn't work at all and here's some lines I saw in the "ScriptHookVDotNet.log" file :
    [14:33:56] [DEBUG] Loading assembly GearShiftingAnimation.dll ...
    [14:33:56] [WARNING] Unable to resolve API version 3.5.1.
    [14:33:56] [DEBUG] Loading assembly NAudio.dll ...
    [14:33:56] [INFO] Found 0 script(s) in NAudio.dll.
    I'm with the latest SHV (1.0.2699.16) and SHVDN (3.5.1) version... BUT the game version is still in 1.0.2545.0.
    I've tried with the 1.0.2545.0 version of SHV but nothing changes.
    Except that every mods and scripts work, even the Manual Transmission mod by ikt.
    Any help of anyone will make me very grateful!

    27. november 2022
  • Gtao44

    How can I do if I already have a modded "materials.dat" ? Instructions to manualy change the file lines to match with the mod's one will be very cool!

    27. november 2022
  • Gtao44

    Hi, after installing the script and trying it in game, there's an occuring problem : all stuff that's not in the camera's field of view and that's a few meters away from the player, are very shitty. The textures of buildings, trees, signs are like when you fly with a helicopter high in the sky and look the city, they are the same bad textures. I checked the ini file and there's a setting I'm suspecting :
    " // BOOL | Forces the game to focus level of detail on Kill Cam peds - Toggle this if you are having rendering issues
    LodTarget = true "
    This is when the camera is showing yourself the ped when you kill him, I can see that the far textures are very blurry and are rendering slowly than normal. So I disabled the setting turning it on "false" and the problem was biggest, more textures are blurry half a second. All things are rendering correctly where I look, but for exemple if I press C (to turn the camera behind the player), there are shitty textures being detailled after half a second. Even the interior of any vehicle is not detailled, only the player's skin or clothes are very clean : that's why the setting of the ini file is strange. My render distance setting if half, the texture quality setting is very high and nothing is enabled in the advanced graphic settings. Before installing the script never of all of these occured. Thanks to help me if you can and goodbye! ( my english is very bad, sorry :) )

    12. november 2022
  • Gtao44

    can't find the island, it doesn't appears

    9. august 2022
  • Gtao44

    How to show map coordinates ? I used Simple Trainer to show my coordinates, I put them into the .ini file and the blip isn't where I wanted...

    8. august 2022
  • Gtao44

    @WowJarry Which version of the mod is for the 1.0.2545.0 ???

    31. juli 2022
  • Gtao44

    Hi, the mod greately changes the gunfights expererience but there's no installation instructions to install optionals things we can add (materials.dat and weaponsfx.dat)

    31. juli 2022
  • Gtao44

    Anyone haves the VisualV for 1.0.2545.0 version ?

    26. juli 2022
  • Gtao44

    yep, no worries

    20. juli 2022