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  • 97b801 image
  • 97b801 image

    @trash8 Nice. Btw what is the location on screenshot 3, 4 and 5? I've never seen this tunnel in the game.

    2 dager siden
  • 97b801 image

    @777PROJEKT wow just 5 days? O_o

    About the codewalker question. You can join gta5mods discord server and ask a question there (look for "maps-and-mlo" channel when you're there). There are a lotta modders who might help you and give you some advice. There's also a codewalker discord server.

    gta5mods discord:

    codewalker discord:

    4 dager siden
  • 97b801 image

    Nice. Good to see you're back. Still waiting a handling for Hunter from you =P

    5 dager siden
  • 97b801 image

    Amazing, atmospheric and highly detailed rig. You probably spent 1 year or so to build it. Btw there's no need for a power PC to run this mod. Approximately this oil rig "eats" 474MB VRAM, 225MB RAM and 185MB go to virtual memory.

    9 dager siden
  • 97b801 image

    @ikt >Load images on start instead of on selection

    Does this mean images are being loaded when the mod is loaded (when the game starts) or only when I press hotkey to show mod's main menu? If it's the former then the mod eats additional 130Mb of RAM when it's not even needed...

    9 dager siden
  • 97b801 image

    @schmed Nice update. Btw I figured something out. It looks like the glossiness of the suit is somehow connected to the sweat level of the character. When the amount of the sweat is low, the suit is matte but when the amount of sweat is high the suit becomes glossy. The suit is affected by the sweat for some reason. That's why the glossiness of the suit depends on time of day - when it's night time the character don't sweat but when the sun rises high it becomes hotter and the character starts sweating which also affects the suit. I hope you'll find the solution and fix it =)

    See this screenshot:

    10 dager siden
  • 97b801 image

    @schmed well it looks like in update 1.1 the bug with a messed up textures has been fixed. But now it has a new issue. The costume completely loses it's glossiness after 5pm (game time of course) and it becomes full matte until it's 12pm. After 12pm it becomes glossy again until it's 5pm and so on.

    16. oktober 2021
  • 97b801 image

    @schmed The model is cool but I have a weird problem. When I spawn this ped it looks fine at first but after 10 seconds all the textures become f*ked up and washed out. So it doesn't look like on your screenshots... Do you have any clue what is the reason of this bug? Here's a screenshot of my problem:

    14. oktober 2021
  • 97b801 image

    @TheAdmiester Thank you! Your hint is so helpful! Cuz I was going to edit the sfx files via audio editor software and now I don't have to =) I set the value to 900 and now it sounds perfect for me =)

    6. oktober 2021