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    @O-MATIX if the car sits for long enough, like through character changes or getting a certain distance away the car wont start with out using the "phone app". I found using the F6 short cut was easiest, select the car you're in and then "turn on engine" with DEL(delete) key.

    15. desember 2022
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    @jerome74 I missed the middle updates. I went from 4.0 to 4.4. GTA had a minor update I think and 4.0 started having issues. I'm not sure older versions of this Mod are going to be compatible with the current version of GTA.. I could be wrong

    6. desember 2022
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    @Hunk I can confirm the issue @jerome74 is encountering. It seems to be a new issue all of a sudden. Everything was fine up until yesterday I believe. Suddenly the wheels on my saved cars are reverting back to stock when they load in. It seems as though some of the other parts are doing the same. The only thing consistently saving is the paint job. Let me know if there's anything you need from me to help investigate this.

    6. desember 2022
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    I did not. I just noticed you've released a few updates since 4.0. Going to do that.

    1. desember 2022
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    Hey @Hunk, love what you've done here, essential for a car obsessive nut like myself. Glad to see you're still active.
    I'm having an interesting issue I'm hoping you can help with. I've had no issues until all of a sudden when ever I switch to Michael I get an error message and the "phone app" disappears as well as all of my saved cars for Michael. If I switch back to Franklin or Trevor their saved cars are still present but the "phone app" is still missing. I can load back to a previous save where I'm Franklin, "Phone app" present and working. I can switch between Franklin and Trevor no problem, but the moment I switch to Michael I get the error again and it removes the "phone app" for all characters.
    It states the following:
    Unhandled exception in script "VehicleSaveSH3.VehicleSave SH3"!

    NullReferenceException at VehicleSaveSH3.VehicleSaveSH3.loadData(VehiclevehicleToLoad) in
    C:\Users\Hunk\source\repos\VehicleSaveSH3/VehicleSaveSH3_PROJECT\VehicleSaveSH3.CS:line 2524

    30. november 2022