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  • 608d4d img 0003

    All of your scripts don't work with me for some reason i am using Social club BTW idk if it because i am using social club version of the game.

    14. august 2021
  • 608d4d img 0003

    please release an unlocked version of this @saleeN

    3. august 2021
  • 608d4d img 0003

    this mod is really really bad when i get 4 stars and the fbi (fib) cars start to come the fbi2 models it drive by it self and when i wan't to get into the car the game crash.

    Note: Delete this mod from the website it's ruining other players game files or Fix it then upload it again

    Note for players: backup your game files before installing this mod.

    30. juli 2021