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    @Alex106 one question - does this mod fix one cutscene during the paleto score? The cutscene that I'm referring to is the one where all the sheriff vehicles arrive at the bank but for some reason the game spawns those sheriff cruisers with both lightbar/siren types (LED and halogen)at the same time, and they're clipping through one another... This was not the case on xbox360/ps3 versions. The ps4/ps5/xbox one/xbox series s,x/pc are all messed up.

    30. januar 2024
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    UPDATE after doing loads of testing the final result: I need to upgrade my pc 😅
    @JAM102970 thank you sir for providing all this info. Heap and Pack limits that you wrote about helped alot!!!
    Thank you again😃

    22. januar 2024
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    @JAM102970 hello and thank you for the response!
    One point I forgot to mention is besides VisualVanilla mod I'm also using "Alex106's map fixes and updates mods". After you mentioned stuff about maps this got me thinking that maybe those map mods could be the the reason for crashing.
    However their premise would suggest otherwise (the map fixes and updates should improve the game's experience).

    Anyway, this is like out of the left field but - I wish gta 5 would have stuff like the steam workshop so that some warning would show up (during gameplay, before the launch of the game) saying: "look these two mods here conflict with one another and they ain't gonna function and or cause game issues ". This would make the whole modding process and the whole " turn the game on and off" process less of a burden.

    22. januar 2024
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    @JAM102970 hello there sir, so I've done most of these steps that you wrote about. However, my issue is kind of odd one.
    The game runs fine but there ar some parts where the crashes happen (no error code nothing, just straight to desktop) if there's a fair amount of vehicle traffic. I have no custom vehicle mods installed and I'm using VisualVanilla.
    Anyway, this is an odd type of crash because I was able to find the most likely spots where this happens. Eg the freeway area where the second mission starts. And It's at random times of the day
    I know that this is tied to the games features. So at 6pm onwards more traffic will spawn creating a choke point if you will for the system.
    I've managed to find the most direct and obvious way to fix this: lower the traffic density slider... Now the game lacks that busy vibe (and that's something I don't wanna change. Dense traffic is more realistic but more taxing on the rig. I mean : yeah duhhh)
    So is there a way to maintain the maximum density and to prevent the crashes?
    My specs are not great: xeon e3 1270 v2, 16gb ddr3 and a 6gb 1660 super. Aside from ugrading my rig and turning some settings down - are there any other options?

    21. januar 2024
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    @KRYST4LCLR Thank you for the response, I now can confirm that the zolika patch issue was due to scripts folder that I was running and after deleting that: the game works with zolika patch. Also the crash would happen if and when switching from one character to another (especially in the downtown are of LS). Now it seems to be - no crashes.
    Also the packfile limit adjuster situation. My point was that before using your gameconfig I've used F7Y0's (and in his winrar file I've selected: more mods then: stock traffic (means gta base traffic) gameconfig file) and in that gameconfig the archivecount number was 11784. So, I've pasted that number to the packfile limit adjuster ini file.
    But in your gameconfig it's "<ConfigStreamingEngine> <ArchiveCount value="3928"/>". I can confirm that both using that higher number: 11784 and this lower number - makes the game run the same aka it works fine.
    But I guess the question is: how in the hell should I know what that archive count should be? On what it should be based? How to calculate that number?

    PS thank you for this gameconfig as I've noticed that the game does also run better (not sure if gameconfig does have an impact on this)

    6. januar 2024
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    Hello @KRYST4LCLR Currently I'm trying your gameconfig and several things I've noticed: 1) archive count number is way lower than what it was F7YO (using gta base settings one). That number was something like 11784 and the one in your file is like 3984 or something. Should I revert back to that number?
    2)zolika patch outright crashes the game after starting it. Might be because I'm running steam version of the game. So, after deleting zolika and using your gameconfig - the game works. So is zolika really needed?
    3) I have this issue with game randomly crashing (this is pre your gameconfig) where for example at a busy intersection. I understand that this is due to the game spawning more npc cars and such. However, I don't wanna change in game density settings for this. So now I'm using your gameconfig and hopefully - the game ain't gonna crash.

    6. januar 2024
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    Great mod, are you planning on updating to the latest version of the game (in terms of the dlc weapon list). Also - is the fire rate of the assault rifle (akm looking rifle) slower on purpose?

    1. januar 2024
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    @josh1k98 that's planes falling from the sky. Their pilots despawn and so the plane falls and explodes. This is most common if you're playing as Michael and if you're in his safehouse. Don't know if there are any mods that disable those plane spawns. Darkviperau made a video about this. Look it up on youtube.

    29. desember 2023
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    @Alex106 thanks for the response. Yes "og" -original files.
    Also there's this odd bug, non bug can't really explain without ingame screenshots. Anyway, during night time some streetlights change their glare/shine/corona size really fast when you get
    closer to them. That change is very abrupt, not natural. A Good example are those lights in sandy shores. This effect happens I'm guessing because I'm using visual vanilla 1.5. Maybe there's some setting, value in timecycle or visualsettings files where these things (glare and such) could be changed?

    29. desember 2023
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    No it is not read the "COMPATIBILITY:" section in the description.

    28. desember 2023