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!!!ATENTION!!! DELETE MY "Store Weapons in Dufflebag previous script versions" and "BackpackInventory" mod if you're going to use this one.
This is remake of my previous BackpackInventory mod.I decided to simplify it .as much as i could and make it more universal for each human character.
Hold "the button you use to duck in vehicle (if you dont know wich key it is,go to your GTA Control settings and check it) for backpack menu,then just follow the instractions that will apear in left top corner

-Universal for each human character (Every single human ped character will have its own bag stat and inventory);
-Stash all your weapon in duffle bag and leave duffle bag anywhere you want(You can collect it again anytime ,even after game restart);
-Limitation of carrying weapons without dufflebag;
-Speed decrease if you carrying long-barrel weapons in inventory;
-Dynamical bag size depended on carrying weapon number (Will get bigger if you carry more then 3 weapons in inventory);
-All actions are accompanied by animation and sound effects;
-Possobility to carry bag in hands or put in on the shoulder;
-The bag will automaticly taken off while getting in a car;

How to install

1.Drop all folders and files in Script folder to your ../gta5/Scripts/ (Just like all the other Scripthookvdotnet2 .dll scripts)


.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV Latest
ScriptHookVDotNet Latest
Naudio.dll (Included in arhive)
NativeUI1.7(included in arhive)



-Fixed bug where character would try to put on bag constantly on a mission ,while sitting in vehicle;
-Added Possobility to tunr on/off weapon limitation function in .ini file;


-Fixed critical bugs that were crashing script;


-Some minor bugs fix;
-Added option in .ini file to turn off/on constant bag check status every 5 seconds;
-Added option in .ini file to turn off/on bag strap drawing;
-Added compatibility with SaveMyCar script (You can stash your bag in trunk of saved car,but dont forget to update SaveMyCar as well);


-Fixed bug where script will be blocked when you put dufflebag in trunk,from your hands and not shoulder;
-Now character will take away all weapons ,except the one he was holding in his hands before weapon save function call;
-Added black dufflebag in arhive (To change it: Navigate with OpenIV to x64g.rpf\levels\gta5\generic\cutsobjects.rpf\ and replace all files from "Black" folder in you arhive (dont forget to backup files);


-Changed bag position while character is Skydiving ,so it wouldnt interfer with parachute;


-Fixed bag spawn position after script reload (Script won't create second binbag if old one still exists);
-Blip detection for dropped bag improvements;
-Dropped Bag will now lay on the floor and not frozen in the air after spawning;
-Fixed issue with bag put on/ drop off/ weapons change animation while cutscene is active or game is not loaded yet;


-Changed bag position for main characters while wearing diving gear and backpacks;


-Fixes some bugs related to single player missions walkthrough;
-Change binbag model (dropped bag) to small duffelbag model;
-Fixed issue with binbag(droppebag) destruction after spawn;
-Improved bag take off animation;


-Added NativeUI1.7 in arhive;
-Improved menu control system(Now you need only 3 keys to control this mod: Duck in vehicle button, phone menu select button, and extra phone button);
-Added NativeUI menu to stash or take just selected weapons;


-Fixed unset bag animation in car;


-Improved unset bag animtion in car;
-Fixed animation holster/unholster issue (Now character will play anim only when changing weapons,not items like phone e.t.c);
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