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Fleeca Bank Heists gives you the ability to rob all 6 Fleeca branches around San Andreas. This mod is a revamp of a mod by Aimless, originally titled Rob Fleeca.
It is similar to the GTA online Fleeca heist but it is also different, adding many new features into the mix.

Full credit goes to aimlessfor the original mod found HERE
He has given me permission to update the mod.
aimless also provided the code for the vault hacking.
Thanks to HeySlickThatsMe for help with a numerous thing
Thanks to Guadmaz for helping with the new cash grabbing synchronised animation.

I HAVE A DISCORD SERVER! if you are getting any errors or crashes please join my discord JOIN HERE:

- Script Hook V
- Script Hook V .NET
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or newer
- Legit (NOT CRACKED) copy of Grand Theft Auto V

- Open All Interiors
- Skelter89's Dirty Money System


extract the contents of RobFleecaV2 folder.
drop Rob_Fleeca_V2.dll, RobFleeca.ini and RobFleecaV2.pdb into your scripts folder.

These mods will cause errors with the mod, check you don't have these before commenting about an error with the teller!

delete the old RobFleeca.dll and robfleeca.ini if you have them installed

press "E" or Right D-Pad out the front of bank on the sidewalk/street curb. Banks are only open during the day. You can go to blips around the map to purchase alternative breach methods

Pre v2.0 Translation Contributors:
French - EeeEEeEeeE#5587
Spanish - ZenZennyZenyatta#6563
Russian - MyCrystals!#0086
German - ItzAvox
Finnish - deuce33
Polish - V1: _K_a_m_i_l_o_s_#6268 V2: Axereq#3934 V3: Scarid#9572
Dutch - V1: Lilaaloo#4643 V2: leeuwenvreter#3539
Simplified Chinese - Xforcen#3470
Czech - kuba2009czz#2153
Brazilian Portuguese - VitorThePlaya#5441
Korean - whatchoning

- Music can now be toggled in the .ini settings file

- Added heist soundtrack.
- Added police that will be out the front of the bank once you leave.
- Fixed bribed teller blip still appearing on the map.
- Fixed hacking minigame control bug. (Control with arrow keys once in the IP game)
- Fixed other bugs

- Added compatibility to Skelter89's Dirty Money System
- Bribed teller approach is now the default breach method (you will no longer have to purchase a breach method to begin a robbery)
- Added intimidation level during teller approach (shooting near or aiming at the teller increases the intimidation)
- Buffed the default payouts
- Fixed bugs and soft-lock with the safe cracking approach
- Fixed invincibility bug

- Added 5 methods for breaking into the vault:
• Bribed teller (Original method)
• Laptop Hack
• Vault Cracking tools
• Thermal Drill
• Vault Explosives
- Translations pre-2.0 are defunct and new contributions are needed. If you can translate the mod into your language please message me through my discord

- Added Korean Translation. Translated by whatchoning

- Fixed the game save issue that was reintroduced by accident in update v1.5.1

- Added new Heist Intro Screen Credit and big thanks toCruelMasterMC

- Added new heist passed screen that is from online. Credit and big thanks toCruelMasterMC
-Added Czech and Brazilian Portuguese Languages.

- Finally fixed issue of not being able to save in player beds.
- No longer required to grab both sets of loot.
- Fixed camera issue related to grabbing the money on the trolly before the table loot.
- Leaving the area while the heist is active will fail the heist.
- Fixed spacing on the heist success screen.

-Added new Cayo Perico Heist Looting animations for Cash and Gold.
-New loot focus camera.
- Added Simplified Chinese, Dutch and Polish translations.

Changes in 1.3:
-Added language support, Current languages are English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Finnish. More Languages to come in the future! Please join my discord to get in contact if you would like to translate the mod into your language.

Changes in 1.2.2:
-Added more variation to the tellers. New models. The teller that opens the vault won’t always be male anymore.
-Fixed an issue where the vault door would move if you got stuck behind or bumped it, causing it to block the entrance to the vault.

Changes in 1.2.1:
-Fixed hostage animation clipping into the wall.
-Loading heist message will not disappear until the heist is loaded.

Changes in 1.2:
-Added better hostage animations.
-Hostages will now cower as soon as you enter the bank holding a weapon.
-Added heist member support for the heist crew ped (packie, gus, chef).

Changes in 1.1:
-Fixed an issue with teller not reacting when the teller is killed during the previous heist
-Added a blip to the teller.

Changes in 1.0 RELEASE
-New teller animation finally released (should be stable now.)
-Added new Hostage animations after the first camera is shot. (lying on the ground)
-Added voice-lines to the teller.
-You can now use your mouse during the hacking minigame.
-Other minor changes.

Changes in 1.0 BETA
- Overhauled the teller animation. Now uses an unused game asset.
-You will now only hack the vault if the male teller is dead.

Changes in 0.11
-Added support for heist crew, i only recommend 1 MUST BE MP MALE/FEMALE BODYGUARD MODEL. heist crew will aim at hostages while you are inside the vault.
- Changed some things with the hacking animation.

Changes in 0.10:
- Fixed and re added drilling.
- changes to default camera while grabbing.

Changes in 0.9.1:
- Fixed front doors being closed
- drilling has been temporarily disabled due to bugs.
- fixed cart glitch on first robbery.
- disabled minimap while looting to clear up the screen.
- disabled location text in the bottom right while the take bar is active (previously caused collision)

Changes in 0.9:
-Trollies now have a variable amount of loot on them. Not just the maximum. Gold has the highest chance to have the least but is worth a lot.
- blip fixes
- payout changes to cash, gold and diamonds.

Changes in 0.8:
-Grabbing has been reworked again. You now need to click to pick up cash. It is reworked and different to my Pacific Standard Heist Mod grabbing. It is much easier and quicker.

Changes in 0.7:
-Readded Hacking the vault possibility (it was previously limited to stealth), now you either hack the vault or force the teller to open it.
-Added new hacking passwords.

Changes in 0.6.1:
- Added text prompts to start the heist and for heist availability.

Changes in 0.6:
-Support for previous game versions. If you do not have casino heist update the mod will detect it and use props that will work with your game.

Changes in 0.5.3:
-Added the ability to change the speed of loot grabbing in the .ini file (1 is the normal animation speed)

Changes in 0.5.2:
-Fixed camera’s not appearing when using scripthookvdotnet 2. Should be no more issueswith cameras between shvdn 2 & 3 now.

Changes in 0.5.1:
- TrollyPatch.oiv is no longer required.

Changes in 0.5:
- Reworked drilling to be more accurate to the GTA Online Fleeca Heist. Controls are easier for both controller and keyboard.
- Added custom camera angle while drilling.
- fixed a bug where after shooting the cameras there was no prompt.
- fixed take bar for drilling.
- fixed an issue where the take would not get reset if you die while escaping the cops.

Changes in 0.4.4:
- Added a “TAKE” bar in the bottom right of the screen that is similar to ones in sp and mp heist missions.
- Added blips for the vault contents. (Cash shows a green dollar sign, Gold shows yellow Gold bars and Diamonds show a purple Diamond)
- fixed a softlock in the hacking minigame.
Changes in 0.4.3:
- duffel bag is added to player at the start of the heist
-fix a crash when you would hit the G key
- fixed the cameras for shvdn 0.3
Changes in 0.4.2:
- Reconstructed the .ini file file adding new sub headings.
- New Options to change the payout of cash, gold and diamonds (If you want to just set the final payout to be a chosen number just divide the desired max payout by 45 and set the respective loot type to the answer, NOTE: the input cannot have a decimal, must be a whole number)
- Maxcash and mincash in .ini has now become drillmaxcash and drillmincash
- Script no longer bugs if you kill the teller when they are walking to the vault, you will now have to hack the door if they die.
- Changed the speed of loot collecting for each loot type, Cash is the fastest,Diamonds are the second fastest and Gold is the slowest.
- Help text no longer displays the wrong input key at the top when standing within range of the hacking marker.
- Input keys for hacking and grabbing loot have been changed for controller. (no longer left thumbstick down)
- Banks are now open for longer. (Operating hours: 5am-10pm)
- Readme file has been changed to a .docx for a better viewing experience.

Changes in 0.4.1:
- Added Gold and Diamond vault contents, cash and gold have %40 chance to spawn and diamonds have a %20 chance. Cash pays the least, Gold is the second best and Diamonds pays the best.
- hacking now has both minigames enabled by default to balance out stealth and loud. (changeable in .ini file)
Changes in 0.4.0:
- Added new cash grabbing animation! (looks like the one in pacific standard heist)
- Duffel bag will now get removed once you finish the heist.
- Changed the text prompts to be more accurate to how Rockstar would do it. (Big Thanks to Lullabyhero on my discord for volunteering to do all of the text)
-fixed crash that happens after leaving the bank after drilling.

changes in 0.3.0:
- Added stealth mechanic
- shoot the teller as soon as you enter the bank with a silenced weapon so he doesn't set off the alarm!
- stealth mode will not give you wanted stars
- loud mode (no silencer) will now only give you 3 stars just to balance loud and stealth mode so that they are both worth doing (you can change it back in the ini file though.)

changes in 0.2.5b:
- fixed the text "right arrow to cancel drilling" after you would pick up the cash resulting in a crash
changes in 0.2.5:
- bug fixes for the drill, you can now leave drilling without it crashing.(DRILL CONTROLS ARE MOUSE UP & DOWN, SCROLL WHEEL UP & DOWN)
changes in 0.2.4b:
- added duffel bag for drilling.
changes in 0.2.4:
- stealing cash now takes longer, animation plays 5 times.
- your player will obtain a duffle bag after stealing the cash. (works on Trevor, Michael, Franklin, MPMALE and MPFEMALE)

Changes in 0.2.3:
- fixed the hacking screen reappearing once the vault door opens
- made some changes to character placement when hacking
- added character placement and heading when picking up cash.

Changes in 0.2.2:
-added animations for hacking and grabbing cash.

Changes in 0.2.1:
- changed hacking activations key to "E"
- you can now back out of hacking by pressing "E" while hacking.
- changed the pickup cash button to "E"
- fixed .ini file so that the banks are not robbed by default. so replace your old .ini file
Changes in 0.2:
- Re-added markers (can be toggled in .ini)
- added an alternative way to breach the vault!! (hacking)
- hacking the vault can require you to hack two things
- if you set PLAYBOTH in .ini to False it will only play one of the hacking minigames.

Changes in 0.1:
- added to ability to steal cash instead of drilling a safety deposit box
- removed green/red marker out the front of banks(don't worry the activation radius is large)
- updated subtitles and notifications
- updated many blips
- Cash and Drill you can toggle in .ini file.
- if both are enabled it becomes a random choice,
sometimes you might drill sometimes you might steal cash.


Thanks to HKH191 for helping me with animations

I am open to feedback and suggestions, just comment it and i will consider.

Clown Mask seen in the drilling screenshot:

Fleeca Bank Heists © All Rights Reserved
All files are owned by danistheman262, any modification, or distribution of this file without the written consent from danistheman262 is strictly prohibited.
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