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Red Dawn - GTA 5 War Mod - 1.41 (April 2022) :
New "read me" illustrated manual added to the download folder.


Red Dawn - GTA 5 War Mod - 1.4 (March 2022) :
New areas added ( Cayo Perico's Islands, and US Navy Carrier) in this update, it creates a new story line and then, more fun !


Red Dawn - GTA 5 War Mod :

This mod tries to create a War Mod in GTA 5. With it, you are able to be part of a side : US Army or Red October with members of your choice, take over territories from San Andreas and fight against rival Armies for the control of those territories.

Control of zones of the world provides constant income.

This mod requires the following to work properly:
Script Hook V
Script Hook V Dot Net
Native UI

Also, Script Hook V Dot Net requires the following:
.NET Framework
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 x64

And of course :

Optionnal, if you want armored car for US Army :

Caution :
To actually seeing the Cayo Perico's islands, you must have loaded Cayo Perico Island, and the US Navy Carrier in the Native trainer. (Teleporting Section >>> Enable Heist 4 locations >>> Cayo Perico).

On the decompressed zip files you just downloaded, choose your team's folder (US Army or Red October) and then, drag the gangModData folder into your GTAV folder. It will replace the gangModData folder from "Gang and Turf Mod" by LucasVinBr you installed previously. And that's it !!! You can launch the game.

Default basic Controls:
B : Open mod options/gang options and upgrades menu.
Shift + B : Open contextual registration menu: gang member registration when on foot and facing a pedestrian, vehicle registration when inside a vehicle.
N : Check current zone name and ownership.
Shift + N : Open zone controls menu.
Ctrl + N : Toggle between zone blip modes (show nearest 5, show all, show none).
Aim at friendly member + H : Add/remove member to/from group (he will follow you around).
Aim at friendly vehicle + H : Make the vehicle back you up (come to you and drop passengers if you're on foot; escort you if you're inside a vehicle).
Aim at friendly member + J : Take control of target member (the armor bar represents the member's health) / return to protagonist.
Spacebar : (when controlling a member that has been killed) - Take control of nearest member.

Controls are configurable ingame …

Gang and Turf Mod by LucasVinBr
Customized by Pti Tony from Kaira Gaming, follow us on Youtube.
Design and visuals created by : Mahon, Macia Crew (instagram : @mahonmacia)
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