Psychokinetic [W.I.P] v0.5.6.1

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[Prerequisites](you need these files for any scripts mod to work)
--Put in the main game folder

--Put in the main game folder
if you don't have a scripts folder, then make one inside game folder.

--Put in the "scripts" folder

SharpDx.Dll SharpDx.Mathematics.dll SharpDx.XAudio2.dll
--Put in the "scripts" folder

--Put in the "scripts" folder

Psychokinetic.dll && Psychokinetic.ini
--Put in the scripts folder
[Prerelease updates] For updates go to My Patreon Page . The version with an "x" on it means that it is not really a version and it still has bugs some of which i'm aware and I'm working on fixing them and some of which i'm not aware of.
[Just a Note]:
*if you don’t see the effect it means you don’t have an up to date version of the game. Before I updated the game, I did not know these effects existed*
If you also don't want to deal with rockstars update sometimes: GTAVLauncherBypass

ATTENTION: if you have problems with a power. Press the release key.
This is a work in progress(WIP) and pretty much in alpha build. What started out as a telekinesis mod has turned into an omnikinetic. My goal is to create a god-like character with many different power till the point gtav allows me to.If you experience a bug please report it to me. I am very delighted that people enjoy my mods, and if you want to donate check out my patreon.

I wanted to make my next update v0.6 with more powers than there are currently but due to my initial crappy codding when I first made the mod any change I added resulted in bugs after bugs. Since it has been months since I updated, I decided to update the current and stable version of this mod, hope you enjoy it.
[Controls:](could change some of them in the .ini file, or use the keybinding menu (suggested))
ToggleMenu: "F10"
TogglePowerWheelKey = Q
FreezeAll: "F1"
GrabPed: "F4"

CrushKey: press "D2" for peds and vehicles. (no mass crush for peds)
MassCrush: hold "D2" for some time. holding longer doesn't mean bigger area.

Push: Press "Shift + X" while aiming at a target
MassPush: Hold "Shift + X" the longer you hold the bigger area you will effect. (bigger area = greater loss in fps)
Pull: Press "Control + X" while aiming at a target
MassPull: Hold "Control + X" the longer you hold the bigger area you will effect. (bigger area = greater loss in fps)
LockOn: "Shift + E"
PyrokineticKey: Press "D3" while aiming at a target
ElectrokinesisKey: Press "D5" while aiming at a target. It is limited to a range for performance reasons.
TransformKey: Hold "Shift" + "T"

Attention: I got rid of pedforce, carforce, and made a general version. I think its better
GeneralTelekinesis: use LockOn key to pick up peds, cars, objects, press again while looking at obj/ped/veh to let them go. Press the aim button with attack(left mouse button) to throw
ChangeForceType: Press "Control + E"
Release: "R"

ChangePowerModifierKey: Press "Shift" + powerkey this works for the powers for D1, D2, D3

Press "LeftControl + Jump button" to toggle flight
ChangeFlightMode: press "Capslock" once to go into 2nd flying mode, press capslock twice to go into 3rd flying mod. Press "Capslock" button to go back to only the first flying mode.
Press "LeftShift" to fly up
Press "LeftControl" to fly down

[XBox Controls]
OpenPowerWheel: RB
(LockOn)GeneralTelekinesis: (LT) + UpButton
*ChangeForceType: LT + LeftButton(left phone button)
Throw: LT + B
Grab: LT + Y
Push: RT + A
Pull: LT + A
StartFlight: press L3(Left analog) and X
ChangeFlight: press LB
Release: RightButton
*Teleport: LT + L3(left analog)

Adjusting The GeneralTelekinesis.
Moving Forwards: (Press LB and RB and left analog forward backwords)
Moving Upwards: (Press LB and RB and Right analog forward backwords)

[Power Wheel]
Move mouse or right analog button to select power.
After selecting power:
For XBox Press (LT) + RT to use the power.
For keyboard Press Right mouse button with left mouse button

The middle HUD in Power Wheel turns Off the power wheel, since having the power wheel disables certain things. Need to be unarmed to use power.
When power is active, can't (melee) hit people.

*Activate HardenBody, FightMode, or ForceField by pressing (left mouse button while hovering over it) or for xbox (press "A" while hovering over it).
--Changed the way powerwheel works again. This time I used 1280x720 as my baseline to calculate positions instead of using my own resolution so you don't need to change maxscreen width and height. (I got rid of it).
--Also put an option for minimized window. You have to go to player menu --> setting --> visuals --> is screen minimized. After turning it on, you have to put mouse cursor at most top left, until it saves offset.
--REMEMBER to re-adjust the offsets every time you are in minimized screen and you change the resolution. If you switch from minimized window to fullscreen you should turn OFF minimized window.
--Crushing things had a bug in which if you fly and land or crush animation is cleared the effect continues. Fixed it so that the effect is timed.
--ControlChange: in old version to telekinetic throw things it was “shift + right mouse button” now it is “control + right mouse button”
--Teleportation: press middle mouse button to teleport almost anywhere you look.
--Fighting ability: Once active you can’t use the powerwheel. Press left mouse button to attack and press SPACE to CANCEL.
--new effects for hardenbody, telekinesis, atomic blast.
--New animations for crushing.kind of chocking animation when you point at the ped's head, they grab their neck.
--More control for the telekinesis. (press control + E to change forcetype on individual entity).
--FineTune Control for telekinesis. (after telekinetically lifting the entity(not ped) hold right mouse button and press shift, don't let go of right mouse button it will release the entity). Scroll to move back/forth
--You can now control weapons (after taking weapon from ped, press E while aiming at the weapon to take the weapon). Press Delete while looking at the weapon to get rid of it.
It only works if you are unarmed and have selected control weapon icon.
--removed some bugs. Consistent bug that I can't seem to find, player keeps dropping entity after grabbing it.
--AddedHints for any one new and don't quite understand what I wrote in the ReadMe. You can turn it off by going to Visual part in .ini file or settings --> visual --> hud menu and then saving current version of mod.
* Guad
* CamxxCore
* alexguirre
* stillhere
* dexyfex (for codewalker and i'm using his version of compiled sharpdx.dll)
Ideo(check out his telekinesis mod, his mods since they were lua (open source) helped me get me into coding.
*LeeC2202(special thanks to him for coming up with a way to reduce performance loss)
And all the helpful people that posts questions/answers at gtaforums/gta5-mods.
*Have all contributed with resources not just to me but to many others.
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