Night Performance Fix for AMD Ryzen processors V0.8

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!!!!Update= This issue seems to appear only when using amd cpu with an amd discrete gpu.

pc parts used in pictures= 5800x and rx 6800


-Extreme= lodlight range is reduced, this means more fps but more noticeable lack of lodlight.Very good if you want to achieve 80-90fps everywhere.

- Balanced= lodlight range is increased, this means less fps than extreme, but less noticeable lack of lodlights. Very good if you want to achieve 60fps everywhere.

Maybe this will also works on intel cpus, i dont know

This script will fix an issue with amd ryzen 1th/2nd gen processors. I dont know if everyone who use this processor have this issue, but if you have this issue heres a fix.

if you have a decent gaming pc and never experienced this issue,this may not change anything.

this issue decrease fps to 50-60 when looking city/or sandy shores at night, this happen with some ryzen processors.

So this script fix this issue, then you have 75-100fps rather than 50-60 fps(pictures), and this just disable/enable some far lights(lodlights) with a good enough timming, so this script allow more performance with few visual changes.


-This works on a legit Gta V copy.


-Choose between balanced or extreme(see pictures).
drop "Ryzenlightsfix.asi" in your "Grand Theft Auto V" main folder.

Thats all.

V0.1: initial release
V0.2: fixed issue
V0.3: added feature that disable some far lod lights.
V0.4: removed feature of V0.3(unstable), added cayo perico map lod lights(if cayo perico map is enabled)
V0.5: fixed an issue (issue:script disable itself when change character).
V0.6: new script
V0.7: extreme script
V0.8: add balanced option
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