2 Loaded Single Player Garages (SPG)

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Single Player Garage (SPG) BETA 0.31 by mlgthatsme
Fully Loaded Garage with Cars by KizaCudo (Mod not included, download link is below this line)

Single Player Garage (SPG).

Simple Trainer for GTA V.

Full 12 floors of tuned cars for lazy or innexperienced GTA V users by KizaCudo (with backup in second garage). Nine'th floor is filled with bikes and the rest is for stolen or your modiffied cars. I filled 12 Floors of this garage for almost two days.
I made teleport presets to garage, in front, and car customs for quicker car tunning (in sjaak327 trainer). All of the cars are modified in garage except on the 8th floor, which are modified in LS customs garage. I chose, in my oppinion, best looking cars, tuned them and sorted them by floors. On 8 floor are 5 best paint versions of Zentorno from YouTube.

Script works fine although there is no visible marker in front (in my game).
If you don't see any marker in front of the garage, go to the middle of the door and and try to touch them.

Put the scripts folder in root of game. Insert these lines in teleport section of the trainer.

First adress Carcer Way - LS customs
and second one is South Mo Milton Dr - Eclipse Towers

MenuDescription=LS Customs (Carcer Way)
Secondary Street Name=Zancudo Ave
MenuDescription=SP Garage ETowers (South MoMiltonDr)
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