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Hi, I'm Krlos Rokr From Rokr_Mods

This is KR_Car_DealerShip A.K.A PDM Exotic Imports V 0.7.4
-Automatic Vehicle Brand is generated if the car is in the New DataBase folder, go there and add more car models to each brand if your model isn't there.
-Notification when a new car is detected.
-i think i did something more, but don't remember :P.

This is KR_Car_DealerShip A.K.A PDM Exotic Imports V 0.7.1
-Added Full Controller Support.
-Access to warranty is blocked if you don't brought the vehicle in PDM.
-New Ini file(SoldCars), will store the vehicles PlateNumbers, to check if can enter in warranty.
-Have Fun!! :D

This is KR_Car_DealerShip A.K.A PDM Exotic Imports V 0.6.9
-File change from .Ini to .Csv.
-Added missing Sort Options.*There's a new [header] called [IsNew],Check Updating Steps*
-Fixed floating Peds when spawn.
-Access to warranty is blocked when wanted level is active.
-Added Settings Menu in MainMenu.

Updating Steps:
1.The file change from .INI to .CSV, to edit values in an easy way. (If you know about Excel the job will be more easy) :)
1.1 Download NotePad++.
1.2 Open the old ini file, Tap Ctrl+F , Search and replace "," by ";".
1.3 in the top of the file add a new Header IsNew.
should by #VehicleHash;HelpName;CarBrand;$Price;Aceleration;TopSpeed;Braking;HorsePower;IsNew
1.4 For each car in the list you should add "No" at the end of the line in the header IsNew.
1.5 Save the file as .CSV "Comma Separed Values".
1.6 Done!

This is KR_Car_DealerShip A.K.A PDM Exotic Imports V 0.6.4
-Fixed Issue reading Cars.ini HeaderHelper[Hash] When add new cars to List
-Added Sort By Brand Video is Vers. 0.6

This is 0.6.2 or something like that :p :

Q:What Can Do with this mod?
A:Buy all your Addon car in a very cool showroom style, or other cars you add,(You have cool anims, and can edit all the values)

Q:I have to add the cars manually?
A:Not, you don't have to add the Addon Cars.

Q:How to Install?
A:Drop in your Scripts Folder, install IKT Script.

Q:How start to use it?
A:When you have running the ikt script, tap F5, wait a few seconds them reload scripts [Insert Key].[You need the IKT script look at requeriments]

Q:I need to Tap [F5] anytime game starts?
A: Not you Don't, just when add new addons cars or ikt script.log is empty.

Q:Where is the dealer?
A:Red Blip is in your game map :), "PDM Exotic Imports" and "PDM Warranty".

Q:How to Change the values?
A:Go to the Cars.ini file, there a header with instructions, all values HAVE TO BE "," SEPARED ;D
DO NOT TOUCH THE HASH,this is you vehicle "ID", hash will be generate automatically.

Q:How to add new brands?
A:In the Section Brand inside the Cars.ini Write your brand, save the file.
Go to the folder IMG\Brand\, put there a png image with your new brand :).
Reload your game.

Instructional Buttons in UIMENU

At least you need to have passed the Mision when michael go to beach with jimmy.
IKT Script:

Krlos Rokr, Dev.
Guad, NativeUI
Alexander Blade, ScriptHookV
OpenIV Team, OpenIV
crosire, ScriptHookVDotNet
Ikt, Addon vehicle Spawner, the heart of this mod.
Jnib, He was an awesome master.
I'm Not Mental, Ipl Toogler From his PDM Script.
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