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This mod was exclusive on my Patreon, due to high demand I decided to release this mod for free as it is over 2 years old now! Keep your eyes out for an all new Jewelry Heist Mod coming next month to my Patreon!

How the mod works:

At night you will sign in to the boss who will notify you when there is a house with no one home to rob. There are 3 tiers of houses High Tier, Mid Tier and Low Tier. You will need a van or large vehicle to carry stolen goods such as: TV's, Art, Computers.

The Full list of loot types are:

• Standard (search area for loose loot like cash, weapons and other goods to sell later)

• TV(Van Required) ($3000-10000)

• Microwave (Van Required) ($1000-10000)

• PC (Van Required) ($2000-10000)

• Stereo System (Van Required) ($1000-10000)

• Art (Van Required) ($5000-40000)

• Safe (Can be cracked with mini-game) ($50000-$100000)

Each loot type has a random chance of spawning, one house might have a TV to rob others might not.

Once inside you will need to disable the alarm system otherwise it will be tripped in about 30 seconds. You will also need to sneak to avoid alerting neighbours.

Once you have loaded the loot into the van you will need to sell the stolen goods to your bosses fence.

v1.0 - release

v1.1 - issues with the mid tier house and falling through the floor should be less common
- Added option to edit the job cooldown/delay in the .ini settings file.


- Added 2 new loot types; Jewelry and Cell Phones, these 2 come from searching non specified item areas. These items need to be sold to the fence. Their value can be adjusted in the .ini file. The amount that you have of each item is displayed in the top right corner.


- Fixed mid tier house falling issue

- added new custom lockpicking game

- updated the mod framework to shvdn3 so

- added job notification time setting to the .ini settings file.
- added price settings for phones and jewelry in the .ini settings file.

- Added new job locations for all house tiers. (less likely to get same house twice in a row)


Requires ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet

Drop all contents of into you scripts folder. (create scripts folder if you do not have one)
Your scripts folder should contain the DanIsTheMan262 Folder, HouseRobberies.dll, HouseRobberies.ini and HouseRobberies.pdb
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