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I'm happy to present you Gunshot Wound 2.
This is a totaly rework of Gunshot Wound.

What is GSW?
GunShot Wound - ultra realistic mod. It bring to GTAV most realistic damage system you ever have seen. It simulate pain, bleedings, organ failures, working armor, etc.

How it works?
For the first, GSW will scan range around player and mark every ped around you as GSWPed(you can disable it in xml-config).
When GSWPed have got damage, script find damaged body part and weapon.
If upper/lower body was damaged and ped has armor, script check chances to penetrate armor.
If ped doesn't have armor or armor was penetrated, script select type of wound with help of random, type of wound will based on weapon.
Every wound apply pain to ped. If total pain is more than maximal pain ped can carry, ped fall to ragdoll and stay in ragdoll until pain more than 75%. Pain decreases over time. Pain will make ped slower and reduce his accuracy.
Many wound types can create bleeding. Every bleeding step by step decrease ped's health, but wound heals by itself over time.
Wound also can create critical damage, like broken arm bone, punctured lungs, severed artery, etc. It will create additional pain, bleeding and other effects.
If ped got full health, all pain, bleedings and crits will heal instantly.

You can check sources here.

Additional features

Motorbike Helmets
Helmets can save your head from hits and bullets with some chance.
You can get helmet for $40 with helmet-hotkey, by default H.

GSW2 support translations to other languages. Just add your translation to GSW2Localization-table and your translation will appear in next release!

WatchYourDeath-mod compatibility
In Beta 3 was added WYD-mod compatibility, but it can has some bugs.
Sadly, WYD is not available on gta5-mods, but you can google it.
You need to change MinimalHealth in config to 1800 for enable WYD-compatibility.
With this option is enabled and your GSWHealth will less than 0%, you will set to ragdoll and it will looks like you are dead at all. You can revive self, using any instaheal ways.

Bandages and SelfHealing
In Beta 4 was added Bandages and SelfHealing.
If you has bleeding and you has $15, you can apply bandage to wound using K by default, it will halved bleeding(but will not totaly heal). Bandaging will take some time, you need to stand still for some time.
If you have no bleedings, your health will slowly increased with time.
It's only way to survive in this danger world!

Support for switching peds
You can freely switch between peds! You can feel all their bleedings, crits, etc.
It also mean you can switch skins without losing GSW.

Death from pain shock
If ped's pain is more than 300%, ped will die. Be carefully!

Future Plans:
- Fire and Suffocating damage support
- Real working ambulance
- Painkillers and Addiction System
- Damage from car accidents
- Any ideas you'll suggest ;)

Default Hotkeys
L - Check yourself
J - Get/Remove Helmet
K - Apply Bandage
PageUp/PageDown - Increase/Reduce WoundedPed Range
End - Pause/Unpause GSW
You can change hotkeys in xml-config!

How to install?
1) Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2
2) Install ScriptHookV & ScriptHookVDotNet
3) Download and unpack archive
4) Place GSW2 folder to script folder
5) Set xml-config as what you want
6) Launch GTAV and try not to die quickly :3

Recomended Mods
- Forced First Person Aim if you like classical GTA third person view, but also you like aiming from first-person. It's great experience!
- Gun Recoil for make your gameplay realistic, harder and more interesting.
- Better Weapon Ragdoll for loosing your weapon from car-accident.
- Euphoria ragdoll overhaul or RAGEuphoria for more realistic ped's reaction.
- Baka's Weapons Sounds for get best gun sound mod!
- Realistic Blood and Decals for realistic wound decals.

You also can motivate me for developing GSW with some donate.
Sadly, PayPal doesn't work for me, but you can send me some money with
StreamLabs all StreamLabs donations with names will be added to GSW as easter eggs
Or YandexMoney
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