Enable Weapons for Helicopter Pilot and Passenger 1.0


Mod description/features:
So you spawned an enemy pilot in a buzzard and you want it to fire its weapons at you, but all it does is just fly around you...NOT ANYMORE!

This script forces pilots to use their assigned helicopter weapons. Now, that pilot will fire its weapon at you! This script works for all available weaponized helicopters.

This script also works for special helicopters such as the Hunter where the passenger seat has an MG which without this script, the ped does not use the mounted MG.

Please note that this script uses a degree of vision so if a ped is not within 90 degrees of vision of the front nose of the helicopter, the ped will not fire which I've purposely set to add realism(sort of) because wouldn't it be weird if a pilot was shooting bullets from its butt.

So far, this script only utilizes the main weapon of that helicopter. For example, when you first enter the buzzard, your first main weapon is the machine guns, so the pilot will use that only. I'm currently experimenting on ways to enable the PED to cycle its weapons. You can change the main starting weapon of a helicopter by editing its
VehicleWeaponHandlingData in their handling.meta.

Example: I want the Hunter to use its barrage against me (very dangerous btw), but it uses the default homing rockets as its first main weapon. Simply change the starting weaponhash for it. For the Hunter, the MG is for the passenger so don't change the order for it. See below or screenshots.







I've added in an ini that can let you play around with this degree of vision while also allowing you set whether or not, the pilot can target the player.

Script Hook V
Script Hook V Dot Net

How to install:
Place all contents within the ZIP into your Scripts folder.

Release notes:
Version 1.0 - First release


This script was created using ChatGPT so I did not "make" this script, but helped guide it in the direction for this script to function.
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