Dualsense adaptive triggers for GTAV 1.4.4 -steam dsx required

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Beings adaptive trigger's in GTA5

Important information
First thanks for downloading my mod
Second let's set up mod in GTA
For version 1.4 or above highly recommended steam version of dsx otherwise don't complain something not working from change list
1.Set up dsx
a.Find UDP settings
b.Turn it on
2.Install requested mods:
a.Script hook v.
b.script (read description and install everything it's required)
c.native UI
3.Install mod
a.Unpack archive
b.Put(drag and drop or copy ) scripts folder into GTA v root
4.Celebrate and enjoy

Paliverse- author of dsx.
abdulhaiyan- content creator, author of video tutorial.

Current features:

    adaptive triggers for different categores of weapons (pistols shutguns rifles etc)

    player led shows how many stars you got

    touchpad led starts flashing when you wanted.

    Only some weapons have unique trigger's

    Menu with customizations


ALSO i creating a game about police join my discord server to get more info Also thanks to Paliverse he created the dualsensex

Change log:
Bug fixed: LED not work in the car while chasing
added LED color change based on character Michel: blue, Franklin: green, Trevor: orange
1.3 car improvement
depends on vehicle engine stats triggers will change their modes
added minigun trigger effect
1.4 added integration with steam version of dsx
added battery status showing in game
added notifications in case dsx is not lounched
and maybe something else i cant remember. I maked this build about a mounth ago but dsx wosent realese at that moment
1.4.2 hot fix
Replaced dll that doesn't work this time for sure
added menu for custumazation
Make sure you have installed native UI when updating
Added more customization for menu.
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 1.4.2 Steam dsx is recommended

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