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Can't believe nobody did this yet.

Well, here we go.
This mod allows you to use the spots (scenarios) that NPC peds use for their animations, like sitting, smoking, lounging, you name it. Check the video for the info.

To use nearest animation press "NUMPAD /" (divide slash). Stop animation - SHIFT + NUMPAD /, tp to the animation and use it - CTRL + NUMPAD /.

When you are aiming with your gun, the ped you are aiming at will use the animation instead of your player character. If you are blind #%$% and miss the ped (or you just aim at the sky, whatever) the nearest ped will be chosen.
Have fun.

1: Have Scripthook. If you don't then get it here.
2: Extract the archive into your GTA 5 folder (where your GTA5.EXE is).

Q: Animation spots are invisible, can you make them visible?
A: No.
Well, probably there is a way, but i dont have time for this. If you give me 10 grand so i may not work and make mods instead then i can try.

Q: I use laptop and I dont have numpad! What should I do?
A: Change the key in the DoPedStuff.ini file. You can get key numbers here -
Change only the number, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE!
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