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Consciousness is an immersive mod designed to enhance the interaction between NPCs and player in GTA V.
By improving the behavior of peds during various situations, this mod ensures a more realistic and engaging experience.
The goal is to create a dynamic environment where players feel the consequences of their actions and witness more complex interactions as they explore the game world.

Place Consciousness.dll and Consciousness.ini into "scripts" folder.
You'll need Script Hook V & Script Hook .NET

  • Enhancements:
    • If an enemy had some blip with color other then red, the mod will attach custom blip w/ the same color

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed reinforcements spawning in clear player eyesight (Mostly)
    • Fixed an issue where companions would run off from cars when player's aiming/shooting
Scripthook DotNet Compatibility fix
  • Enhancements:
    • Shop robberies: Previously if no shopkeeper spawned (GTA's logic only spawning shopkeeper if player is really close to the store), the event would not be triggered. I patched this issue by spawning custom shopkeeper if GTA's not there already
    • Introduced DISABLE_NOTIFICATIONS config var (Disables notifications about accidents/reinforcements/etc)

  • Fixes:
    • "Special" event won't spawn any new vehicles if there's already one
    • Fixed some reported crashes in "special" event
    • Army peds and peds in tanks won't surrender vehicles anymore

  • Enhancements:
    • Added new "Mugging" dynamic event [Events map]
    • As soon as game started new events are ready to begin (Previously needed to wait MINUTES_BETWEEN_ALL_EVENTS)
    • New blip is being used to display events on map
    • Decision to avoid event triggering if player is looking now depends on camera and not play model position

  • Fixes:
    • In "Special" event voice is now correctly set for the npc
    • In "Special" event fixed a bug where friendlies would run

  • Enhancements:
    • Added new "special" dynamic event
    • Added EVENT_DESPAWN_DISTANCE configuration option. (200 by default)
    • Added a possibility to disable individual event types. (See the "DynamicEvents" config section)

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed issues with dynamic event despawn distance calculations.
    • Corrected event completion logic in the "Pickup" event.

1.3.0 [Beta]
  • Added a new system of dynamic events in the game world, providing more immersive and varied gameplay experiences.
    • Event types:
      1. Pickup. Players can now encounter events where they must transport injured pedestrians to hospitals.
      2. Ongoing shop robberies
      3. Gang brawls/shootouts

    • Configuration:
      1. MINUTES_BETWEEN_ALL_EVENTS - Amount of minutes that need to pass before triggering another event
      2. MINUTES_BETWEEN_EVENTS_OF_SAME_KIND - Minimum minutes required between events of the same type (e.g., no other shop robbery until threshold is met).
      3. MINUTES_BETWEEN_EVENTS_AT_SAME_PLACE - Minimum minutes required between events of the same type in the same place (i.e. Grove St. shop robbery)

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where reinforcements were not spawned correctly if dead enemies were selected.
    • Addressed issues with body markers not toggling correctly based on distance

  • Scripthook V DotNet 3.6.0 release compatibility hotfix

  • Blips will now start flashing when there's 5 seconds left until enemies give up searching
  • Vehicle surrender feature (Beta). Remember how in GTA IV peds will surrender vehicle with their hands up if you aim at them? This feature is now back [Configured with PED_CHANCE_TO_SURRENDER_VEHICLE]
  • Backup and flee system improvement
  • Added mod toggle hotkey (Special thanks to superfruit86). [Configured with MOD_TOGGLE_KEY; default is None]

  • Added a feature where enemy reinforcements can be called in during combat under certain conditions (special thanks to Matushka) [Can be disabled with REINFORCEMENTS_ENABLED=false]
  • If enemies are mostly wiped out and reinforcements are not called, there is a 50% chance that some enemies will flee. [Also can be disabled by REINFORCEMENTS_ENABLED=false]
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would persist on a very large distance

  • Bugfixes & minor improvements
  • Restored a feature preventing enemies from despawning (ENEMIES_PERSISTANCE_DISTANCE)

  • Traffic accident manager: Diversified and improved behavior
  • Always show blip heading indicator [ON by default/Can be disabled]
  • Multiple bugfixes
  • Stability improvement
  • Default search duration increased to 120 seconds
  • Removed persistence feature

  • Performance improvement
  • NPC vision cones displaying (Enemy FOV)
  • I̶n̶c̶r̶e̶a̶s̶e̶d̶ e̶n̶e̶m̶i̶e̶s̶ p̶e̶r̶s̶i̶s̶t̶e̶n̶c̶e̶ d̶i̶s̶t̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ [̶C̶o̶n̶f̶i̶g̶u̶r̶a̶b̶l̶e̶]̶ Had to remove it due to a bug which causes allies to fight each other
  • If an error occurs, it will be logged into Consciousness.log
  • Changes to NPCs searching
  • Added broken bottle to NPC's melee list


  • Body Markers mod has been enhanced and merged into Consciousness (Configurable) [Enter 'bmtoggle' cheat to toggle blips]
  • Diversified gangs' melee weapons
  • Gangs' weapons pool is configurable with config (Proposed by @kanadianborn) [Demo]
  • From now on mod is disabled during missions (Can be changed in config)
  • Slight performance improvement
  • Wanted level won't be given to player if traffic accident reporter is dead ;)
  • Minor bug fixes

  • Fix typo in settings

  • Some peds will now have blip color corresponding to their gang. [Can be disabled]
  • Added NPC's rotation indicator when in search mode
  • Improved gang weapons: Gangs will now have greater pool of weapons (Micro SMG, Machine pistol, Assault rifle and more). All weapons are distributed according to their rarity (e.g Pistol - common, Assault rifle - uncommon) [Can be disabled]
  • Added configurable chance to writhe for NPCs (If NPC's health is low, what is chance they would writhe; configurable)
  • Traffic accident handler: If you damage someone's vehicle, there's a chance this person would check the damage and call cops on you [Chance is configurable/Can be disabled]
  • Various bugfixes

  • Removed debug info

0.2 [Trailer]:
  • Fleeing/Disarming animations are now more smooth
  • NPC location feedback. NPC's will shout to inform allies of player's presence
  • If NPC decides to abandon the fight and flee, their blip will change color and start to flash
  • Introduced config file

0.1 (TL;DR: Video):
  • When enemies losing contact, after some time they will start looking for a player around the area where they were previously seen.
  • Enemies also react on sounds made by player
  • Attracting attention of a single enemy alerts other enemies
  • There's a chance player won't be noticed using silenced weapons
  • There's also an ability to disarm enemies
  • If an enemy is seriously injured, there's a slim chance they'll abandon a fight and run away.
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