Real Airbag Suspension (w/ Gamepad Support) 2.1.1

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Should work with update 1.0.678.1, and up to the Import/Export update. Might work all the way back to update 1.0.335.2, but it is not tested.

What is it?
This is now real on-the-fly suspension editing with custom sounds for lowering and raising your suspension. Keyboard and Gamepad support. Customize-able keys and buttons.

The pre-2.0 versions of this script are like @ImNotMental's VStanced, @ikt's Slam It mod , and the feature of the same name in MAFINS' Menyoo mod menu. You can still use this method if you want by disabling the new system in the ini settings.

- Choose between on-the-fly handling.meta suspension editing or fake/simulated suspension editing.
Note: You can actually set your default suspension with the real/handling.meta suspension editing, then modify it further with the simulated suspension editing.
- Choose 2 custom sounds that will play when you raise or lower your vehicle's suspension.
- Customize the volume of each sound to your liking, or disable it completely.
- Customize the speed at which your suspension changes. A lower number makes for a smoother animation.
- Enable or disable my Automated Suspension Adjustment system (only for the simulated suspension editing). This system changes your suspension as you drive, depending on conditions such as steering angle and speed.

-Quick fix for those that have the newest build of SHVDotNet.

-Updated for the Import/Export update (1.0.994.2)
-Some background stuff

Real on-the-fly suspension editing! Credits go to ikt for his Real Time Handling Editor source (and for personally helping me!) and to leftas for his vehicle struct research!
You can still use the pre-2.0 suspension editing along with the ASA System if you so please.
Of course, all the custom sounds will work with this "new" system.
Lastly, the mod should now work properly with PCs that are using a non-QWERTY keyboard layout.
Couple issues with on-the-fly suspension editing:
- In order to force the game to recognize the suspension changes, I had to use the Repair Vehicle function. So your vehicle will be repaired whenever you edit the suspension.
- The above mentioned workaround may still not work if your vehicle has never touched anything with its body. If you hear the suspension sound but don't see any changes, try driving into a wall or another vehicle.
- When there is a new GTA 5 update, this mod will most likely have to be updated to work with that new update. However, you will still be able to use the old suspension system.
- See the Notes section below for more info.

-Added ability to have a separate sound for raising the suspension.
-Added more settings in the ini file pertaining to sound and volume control.
-Fixed bug where after using a vehicle with a modified suspension, the next vehicle you use will suddenly have the same suspension value.
-Added a couple of different sounds you can choose from. You can easily try each of them by writing the filename into the appropriate ini setting.
-Please delete the AirbagSuspension.mp3 file if you were using an older version of this mod, it was moved into the AirbagSuspensionSounds folder and renamed.

Added different speeds for raising and lowering suspension.
Added setting to enable/disable Engine Power and Torque multipliers, in case you want to use a trainer to do that.
Your last vehicle will keep the suspension changes even when outside the vehicle.
Fixed a bug where the hiss sound will continue to play if you exit the vehicle while lowering the suspension.

Added air/hiss sound when lowering suspension.
Added Automated Suspension Adjustment system:
- When suspension is lowered, suspension will slowly increase depending on your steering angle, which will temporarily give you normal handling and allow you to drift normally.
- When suspension is lowered, suspension will slowly increase when beginning a motorcycle wheelie.
- When suspension is raised, suspension will slowly decrease to normal temporarily when you start moving (between 1 - 10 KMPH or 0.6 to 6 MPH, approximately), in order to give a slight speed boost.
- When suspension is raised, suspension will slowly decrease to normal temporarily when handbraking.
- When suspension is raised, suspension will slowly decrease to normal temporarily when doing sharp turns on a motorcycle.
Added ini setting for the following:
- Suspension Control Speed (How fast your suspension changes)
- Max and Min offsets for Suspension (how high/low you can set the suspension)
- Toggle for the ASA System
- Volume controls (can set to 0 to disable volume)

First release. Simple ability to raise or lower your vehicle's suspension.

Controls - all modifiable in the ini!
-For Keyboards-
Raise Suspension: T
Lower Suspension: Y
Reset Suspension: U

-For Gamepads-
Xbox-type controllers
Raise Suspension: X + Leftstick UP
Lower Suspension: X + Leftstick DOWN
Reset Suspension: X + A

Playstation-type controllers
Raise Suspension: Square (☐) + Leftstick UP
Lower Suspension: Square (☐) + Leftstick DOWN
Reset Suspension: Square (☐) + Cross (X)

Notes about the real/on-the-fly suspension system
- Raising the suspension too high can make your vehicle roll over easily when turning at certain speeds. (obviously)
- You cannot edit the suspension of motorcycles (I did not thoroughly test this, however). Use the old/fake suspension system if you'd like to do that.
- Lowering the suspension too low will make the wheels act weirdly, and you will not be able to drive. Use the Reset Suspension key/button to return your suspension to normal.
- Lowering the suspension to a certain point will make the vehicle very drifty. Not sure how to fix this, if it's even something that needs fixing.
- Since this on-the-fly method involves editing the handling.meta in the game memory, all vehicles that are the same model will have the suspension changes. Ex: if you raise the suspension of a banshee, all banshees will have the same suspension.

Notes about the older/"fake" suspension system
-The vehicle becomes easier to turn the lower the suspension is, but the ASA system will adjust your suspension to the default handling the longer you turn.
-Some vehicles become really "drifty" (see the video) when you raise the suspension too much, some just outright slide. The ASA system will make it much easier to turn when you use the handbrake.
-Motorcycles can do it too! A low suspension makes turning really quick (unrealistically), but raising the suspension can work pretty well. Of course, the ASA system will adjust your suspension accordingly.

Planned Features
- Add seperate suspension adjustments for the front and back of a vehicle. Suggested by @imyluck Update: Might be possible; anyone know how it is done in the handling.meta file?

- Add scraping sounds and sparks when suspension is really low. Suggested by @friedSOY This is possible, but I am having a hard time locating the in-game sound and fx for this. If anyone has any info on this, it would be greatly appreciated.


Place the "scripts" folder in your GTA V directory where GTA5.exe is located

Credits to ElyZium for the idea, for beta testing, and for finding the first custom sound! Of course, credits to whoever recorded/created the sound.
Credits to Remix for certain suggestions and testing as well.
For the on-the-fly suspension editing method, credits go to ikt for his Real Time Handling Editor source (and for personally helping me!) and to leftas for his vehicle struct research!

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  • Franklin3

    Can you save the height you choose? For when leaving the game even saving the game with the car down the suspension returns to normal if it closes and open the game again.

    7. februar 2017
  • Lts

    Game crashes every time I use the mod, although every other mod works like a charm.
    Game verison: 1.0.678.1
    Using latest hook files
    Installed all Microsoft Redistributable packages
    ScriptHookVdotNet Log:
    [08:19:01] [ERROR] Script 'AirbagSuspension.AirbagSuspension' is not responding! Aborting ...
    [08:19:01] [DEBUG] Aborted script 'AirbagSuspension.AirbagSuspension'.
    ---------------- END OF LOG -------------------
    I only copied the part of the log where an error occurs 'cuz all the other mods initiated successfully.
    Tried using the old and new methods but still the same error occurs.
    Tried using VStanced mod, and it worked like a charm, although not satisfied by it cuz it only lowers the vehicles and with limits.
    Will keep diagnosing 'till you're able to reply.
    Deleted the sounds folder, set the volume value to 0, set the debug value in the ini file to true, now it returns in the in-game debugger "blabla.mp3 is not found" but working great.
    Using the new method.

    8. februar 2017
  • 694b53 eminem   forum


    I noticed that in this version you can repair a car through X + [] on the gamepad PS4 = activates also modify the suspension at the same time.

    I noticed, however, that when we burn a car or flying smoke from the engine do not fix it anymore. Is it possible you added the motor repaired, fire, smoke równierz + car wash at the same time?

    Something like the Vehicle Quick Fix 'n Clean 1.2

    Then I will not have to install two separate modifications since it is enough that wgram your modifications Real Airbag Suspension;)


    9. februar 2017
  • Gtao62

    @EDSDUH That is because the default suspension is taken from the handling.meta file that contains the vehicle's handling data. Either I display or save the current suspension value to a file so you can paste it into the vehicle's handling data under "suspensionRaise", or I create a save/load system after I'm done my exams lol

    @KL13NT so it is working without the sound correct? I don't know why but some users get crashes with the sound feature :/

    @Remix I will make it separate because someone in an earlier comment mentioned that he/she does not like that the vehicle is fixed when changing suspension.

    9. februar 2017
  • 694b53 eminem   forum


    Perhaps add a switch to AirbagSuspension.ini which could be set up or when changing settings suspension vehicle is to be repaired or is not be repaired.


    Fix car = Disable - Do not repair the vehicle.

    Fix car = Enable - Repairs vehicle visually and mechanically + washes with dirt.

    10. februar 2017
  • Gtao62

    @Remix okay :)

    10. februar 2017
  • Lts

    @stillhere If you could add a fixes video for inexperienced players so that whenever they encounter this problem they could get back to the reference would be a great thing, also if possible add a switch within the game to turn the sound on and off.
    Thanks for your amazing mod, now I can go offroad with my adder. :"D

    10. februar 2017
  • Franklin

    saying sound not found but mod is working any help plz

    22. februar 2017
  • Default

    So after around 5 months i did a clean install of gtav and tried this mod, but strangely nothing happens when i press T/Y/U. Can somebody help me figure out what's wrong? i have the latest scripthookv but someone up there said some script wasn't working, i'm kinda curious what is this 'script' that isn't working. Thanks

    24. februar 2017
  • Default

    Nevermind bro, as i expected, it was legit because i haven't download the scripthookdotnet xD

    24. februar 2017
  • D05360 2017 02 27 17 38 55
    23. mars 2017
  • Gtao62

    @ikt oh snap! You found the address! Amazing!!

    23. mars 2017
  • Gtao62

    @ikt oh btw, the addresses for the latest patch are the same right? I guess my stuff is not working because the latest version is not recognized in the GameVersion enum in corner :o

    23. mars 2017
  • D05360 2017 02 27 17 38 55

    Addresses are still the same as they were on b944.

    Also not as much as find, more know how they should be set. They're at
    auto offsetCamber = 0x008;
    auto offsetinvCamber = 0x010;
    auto offsetDistance = 0x02C;

    (from the wheel base address)

    23. mars 2017
  • Gtao62

    @ikt nice work! Will you be releasing a mod for this? If yes, soon? :D

    One last question: is it possible to move the wheels Z pos so that essentially the suspension height can be modified without modifying the handling.meta in memory? Now this got me thinking about what else is possible!

    24. mars 2017
  • Gtao62

    @ikt haha, just saw your post in the forum. Can't wait!!

    24. mars 2017
  • D05360 2017 02 27 17 38 55

    Height: Probably, I'll be looking into it later.

    I'm working on making it a nice and usable mod.

    24. mars 2017
  • 197eb1 rolls royce phantom 62

    Does this affect handling? I want just very slightly increase the suspension of a range rover mod I have which has low suspension (range rovers don't have low suspension) and I want to fix it without the Slam It Menyoo mod because this applies it to all vehicles you enter & it alters handling.........

    25. mars 2017
  • Default

    added mod but nothing happends help

    2. april 2017
  • 9fae6f 15823223 1864622490441338 2120300577870544647 n

    @chapman619 you need scripthookdotnet

    20. april 2017
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