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Hey, u dont know me but Lester gave me ur number. I run the hardcore comic store on eclipse and last night my nemesis stole like my whole collection of mint condition action figures and then he responded to my lifeinvader emergency status and he was like LMAO ULL NVR FIND THEM so I went to the police but they just laughed like a lot. Anyway can u plz find them for me? If u do I'll hook u up with the good shit. - Hardcore Comic Store

This mod adds 100 action figures from GTA Online to singleplayer for you to collect. The rewards? I'll put them at the bottom so you don't spoil yourself.

Put the contents of the archive you downloaded into your GTA V folder.

The config file is located at GTA V folder/mod_SPActionFigures/config.ini.

bFiguresAlwaysVisible: This option enables/disables map icons for action figures and is disabled by default. Set it to true and they'll appear on your map with the name "Action Figure" and a little blue Hardcore Comic Store icon. (you can also watch this video for exact figure locations, since blips might be misleading for figures that are in the tunnels etc.)

bStoreMessages: This option enables/disables Hardcore Comic Store sending you a message whenever the mod loads. Enabled by default, set to false if you get annoyed by the messages.

iFigureReward: This option lets you set how much money you'll get for each figure you collect. $250 is the default value.

- Script Hook V
- GTA V version 1737 and above (since it uses assets from mpvinewood)

My Progress?
You can see your progress by visiting Hardcore Comic Store.

Having Issues?
It would be better if you provide SPActionFigures.log and your game version. (SPActionFigures.log is created when the mod runs and you can see your game version by hovering your cursor on GTA5.exe)

Can't promise you'll be getting a response, though.

- Figures now get saved to %localappdata%/mod_SPActionFigures, your save file will be copied to that location when the mod loads.
- Fixed a loading issue. (figure data being duplicated every time a save game was loaded)
Thanks to @PsychoDad for reporting & providing a solution to these issues.

The Rewards
- $250 (default config) per figure x 100 = $25000 for collecting all figures
- Up-n-Atomizer, Unholy Hellbringer and Widowmaker spawns at Hardcore Comic Store

Source code is available on GitHub.
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