Realistic Naked body for Mpfemale 1.0

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what up gamers, heres a new naked mod, but this
mod is more complete than other nude mods Ive made in the past
To install all the sizes go to the "fast install" folder and follow the readme text file.
And than go to the "textures" folder and follow the readme.
Also there's a "ordered by sizes" folder this is just incase any one wants the sizes separately this folder is not needed to install.
Realistic body forms
Internal body organs for intimate parts
Each nail from feet and hands can now have its own color, added uvmap templates
uncensored screenshots inside file
12 complete bodies with these sizes available:
-Medium sized body
-Medium sized body with bigger breast
-Medium sized body with smaller breast
-Medium sized with big booty
-Medium sized with big breast and big booty
-Medium sized with small breast and big booty
-Big sized body
-Big sized body with medium breast
-Big sized body with smaller breast
-small sized body
-small sized body with medium breast
-small sized body with big breast
-more realistic feet
These other 12 bodies were made to fit rockstars cloth, so the edges from the bottom lower body are moved so they can match with rockstas shoes, sizes:
-Fit for rockstars cloth(this sizes will fit the the upper body to fit rockstars tops)
-Fit for rockstars cloth with bigger booty
-Big body
-medium body
-medium body big breast
-medium body big booty
-medium body big breast and big booty
-medium body small breast
-medium body small breast and big booty
-small boody
-small body big breast
-small body medium breast
-realistic feet that matches with rockstars lowers
Other 11 that are only the upper body part, the bottom edges are the same as rockstars upper bodies and are made to fit all rockstars pants, sizes:
Fit for rockstars shirts
Fit for rockstars shirts 2
Big 2
extra big
extra big 2
medium 2
small 2
small 3
giving a total of 61 files
Notes: 1:if u have a mismatch color with legs and intimate parts, with menyoo just click on the next texure untill u find your matching skin color.
2:See where the edges fit perfectly and form the correct body form theres alot of body types so its up to you to match each one where it belongs.
3:planning to add hair in intimate parts
Chagne log:
-Initial Release 1.0
Thanks every one thats still in the comunity making things better, report any bugs or suggestions and thats all enjoy your game !
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