Michael, Franklin & Trevor Heisty Edits 0.2v


Here I am droppin a little somethin for the main cast. This image has been around since launch, and I noticed the masks were kinda in the game. So I made a quick edit in GIMS to get the mask, it ain't perfect and there's a buncha hair clipping, but it's just a start.

0.2v - First Pre-Alpha Beta Epsilon Prototype Prototippo release! Added:
• Leather gloves for M, F, & T
• Suit Jacket, Shirt, and Tie (thanks to EUP for the base of the tie texture that I edited upon) for Michael
• Suit Jacket texture based on artwork for Trevor
• My own crappy rendition of Franklin's tie from the artwork (that shits like a maze to make man)
• A duffel bag that fits properly onto Trevor
★ As a lil bonus, I added an Assault Rifle Mk.II without its stock. It kinda looks like the AK-74 lookin gun that kinda resembles this. Why the Mk.II and not the original? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'll be touchin up the models (not so likely the textures) here and there, but I just spent a buncha hours on loading up the game just to see the results of my trial & error. So that's a pain in the ass. Gimme a couple of days or so. Until then, enjoy.
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