Contract DLC NPC Hoodie (Expanded & Enhanced) for MP Male 1.0

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Still tired of those lousy hoodies? Binco has got a new shipment for you.
Just doing this before Rockstar releases it officially, this hoodie model can be found on NPC's in The Contract update although as always it's not available to the players.
Most likely this will be a clothing item in next dlc, or maybe not, who knows, although my version will still be superior in terms of detail.

Features 26 texture variations, every texture is in 2k and recreated from scratch based on Rockstar assets, detail maps are included.

Female version coming soon, maybe, or i'll wait for R* to release the model themselves so i'll just apply my textures onto that.

a - White Hoodie
b - Gray Hoodie
c - Black Hoodie
d - Sky Blue Hoodie
e - Navy Hoodie
f - Red Hoodie
g - Green Hoodie
h - Orange Hoodie
i - Yellow Hoodie
j - Purple Hoodie
k - Brown Hoodie
l - Tan Hoodie
m - Lobster Hoodie
n - Woodland Camo Hoodie
o - Winter Camo Hoodie
p - Hornet Hoodie
q - Teal Hoodie
r - Magenta Hoodie
s - Baby Blue Hoodie
t - Dark Purple Hoodie
u - Lime Hoodie
v - Two-Tone Hoodie (i might update the stripe in the future)
w - Red Two-Tone Hoodie (i might update the stripe in the future)
x - Pink Hoodie
y - Crossed Hoodie
z - Three-Color Hoodie

-Direct port from g_m_m_goons_01
-Custom speculars because the originals sucked ass
-Enabled Detail map
-Upscaled bump maps, diffuse textures based on bump maps and added fake shading
-Diffuse textures saved in A8R8G8B8 to maintain best quality and lack of compression


Rockstar Games - Original Model, Rigging etc.
Slick (me) - Renaming the files to work with MP Char and creating new textures


Use MP Clothes and paste the files to mpclothes\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mpclothes_male.rpf\mp_m_freemode_01_mp_m_clothes_01
Optionally you can rename the number so it's in different slot
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