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(2023) PATREON:
Yes, Even I finally have a Patreon. This will be a good way to stay connected with all of You. There you can make all sorts of requests and suggestions. (One of my many Specialties is the ability to Update and Upgrade Peds / Props / Sound FX from Your favorite Ped creators and Scriptors.)

If you wish to Join this Community, Click THIS link anytime: See you there boys.(2023)

(2021)Changelog (FINAL): Maximized skin weighting, Added Metallic FX Shader to the helmet

2021: Yes, I have RETURNED. :) And as usual with the new year, I have NEW Ped Quality and technology Standards and a RAISED Bar, Things are secret this time, I cannot tell you boys HOW I'm doing what I'm doing, But, Enjoy:

I Present to you boys, The NEW ped standard, !!!PERFECT SKIN WEIGHTING!!!, NO MORE Armpit/Underarm, Pelvis to Neck, or Stretching In between the Thighs Issues!!!

SO, I'll be Updating ALL OF MY OLD PED TO THIS NEW STANDARD. In order of Oldest to Newest, Add ALL Missing/Needed FX to them as necessary (Cloth, Emissive, Metallic etc.) For Example: This Jay Garrack's helmet is now Metallic.

Now, AFTER I'm Done with all the existing peds, that's when I'll be uploading the tons of NEW Peds I've been working on.
If at anytime you wish to follow this time line to get a hint of when I'll be Closer to the NEW, Click THIS link anytime:
Those are my peds in order release date. :)

My discovery of this new weighting method is used by me and my two Prized students: MTN4456 and The Darth Knight, If You Haven't already, Check out their upload pages and patreons. :)

October 14, 2018: A Much Needed UPDATE using my Acquired Skills! Updated Texture QUALITY, COMPLETELY RE-WEIGHTED BODY!!! Saturated and Beautiful Coloring! Enjoy. :)

-A Speed Force portal begins to form in front of you, Out shoots a file at near lightning speed into your speedster hands- My Second of many gifts to the Speedsters, CLASSIC Jay Garrick of Injustice 2. :)

Installation:(addonpeds method)
1.Install this
2.Place FOUR the files from the Jay_Garrick_Injustice archive to update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.rpf
3.Open AddonPedsEditor.exe and add Jay_Garrick_Injustice model in the list as normal ped (check ReadMe for AddonPeds).
4.Place ini file of the suit to Scripts\The Flash Files\Suits
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