Hollywood Undead NFTU Mask Pack 1.1 (OIV)


Hollywood Undead Mask Pack (NFTU-Era)
[Optional but highly recommended]
Use the Nike Techfleece Sweatsuit mod (by tobi7):
How to use:
Open menyoo trainer (f8) select Outfits> choose one of the files

how to install: USE .OIV INSTALLER! (make sure to copy x64v.rpf to MODS folder first)
Prerequisites (required to work properly):
Menyoo Trainer (to spawn outfits/masks):
Charlie Scene Outfit mod for Trevor (required for Charlie Scene outfit):
Manual install:

Menyoo Files (Outfits):
-Copy "MenyooStuff" folder to root game directory.

Replaces hard mask, watch, wrestling mask
-Launch OpenIV, click "Edit Mode"
-Navigate to GTA V\MODS\x64v.rpf>models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.RPF\player_zero\
-Drop in/replace "accs_diff_016_u.ydd" & "accs_diff_016_a_uni.ytd" (J3T mask)
-Drop in/replace "accs_diff_017_u.ydd" & "accs_diff_017_a_uni.ytd" (Danny mask)
-Drop in/replace "task_diff_008_u.ydd" & "task_diff_008_a_uni.ytd" (J-Dog mask)

Funnyman (franklin)
-Navigate to GTA V\MODS\x64v.rpf>models\cdimages\streamedpedprops.RPF\player_one_p\
-Drop in/replace "accs_diff_003_a_uni.ytd"

Replaces jacket
-Navigate to GTA V\MODS\x64v.rpf>models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.RPF\player_zero\
-Drop in/replace "uppr_diff_014_r.ydd",

Hat (original model converted from WafflesEZ):
Replaces visor, hat
-Navigate to GTA V\MODS\x64v.rpf>models\cdimages\streamedpedPROPS.RPF\player_zero_p\
Drop in/replace "p_head_006.ydd", "p_head_008.ydd","p_head_diff_006_a.ytd","p_head_diff_008_a.ytd" (hat, replaces visor)
Optional: Dooce (disco) mask
-Navigate to GTA V\MODS\x64v.rpf>models\cdimages\streamedpedPROPS.RPF\player_zero_p\
Drop in/replace "p_head_003.ydd", "p_head_diff_003_a.ytd"

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