Contender Lore Emergency pack [RDE-Style] 2.0

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These trucks came to us for an auction just recently. They would have served several more years, but the CEO of Bravado bribed the chief of the LSFD and the old good Contenders were quickly replaced by new Bisons. Good-bye Contender. I'll never forget how you took my cat off a neighbor's tree ...
LS Government Auctions

This CEDA truck is a real find for the virologist!
Mustard on the upholstery, broken wipers, a pair of flasks with a smallpox in the glove compartment, a leaky hazmat protection suit in one of the storages and someone's bloody vomit in the passenger seat.
Ideally, to find the vaccine against the zombie virus, get rid of bothersome salespeople or arrange a bioterror in Liberty City.

Warstock Cache & Carry

-LSFD Brush Patrol truck (based on LAFD Brush Patrol trucks)
-CEDA Emergency Response truck (based on FEMA resuce trucks. "CEDA" name has been taken from L4D. Why not?)
-LSCAR Animal Regulation trucks (Based on LA Animal Regulation truck. Added in 2.0)

Thanks cp706 for Contender Resuce model and Template!

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