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Probably a lot of GTA V players have experienced this disgusting and annoying artifact, called "Banding".

Banding is when colours represented in computer graphics are not following a smoother transition between tonalities, including games, resulting in ugly and contrasting color strips, instead of one soft, eye-candy gradient.

-Here some examples in-game:

Basically, it is caused because the lack of a dithering feature, which, sadly, was not implemented by Rockstar in the game, and it alyaws have been present, since Xbox 360 - PS3 versions. Some users might try increasing their monitor brightness, but that is not a real fix, and all the environment and surrounding objects are affected.

You can say: "But dude, SweetFX already has a that!" Yes, but it does not reduce gradient banding, it prevent the game from creating additional artifacts, and it´s not very efficient, sometimes it works, but most of the times it has no visible effect. However, i recommend to use both at the same time, SweetFX + my mod.

This little enhancement will fix the 99.9% of the banding issues in the game, injecting a considerable amount of dithering, filling all the environment with grain, preventing gradients from "having power there". And it keeps the image quality at 99 percent(because very subtle noise).



-Fixed color banding in dark areas, nightfall-night time, and during foggy, smog, snow and blizzard weathers.

- No FPS drops



-For some strange reason, the quality of the screenshots was greatly decreased when exported, even those captured with Rockstar Editor, but in game, banding will be totally unnoticeable.

-Some of the images looks "dirty" because i increased the noise intensity, reducing even more the gradient borders.

- I will release an update soon, adding new different options for all tastes! Also comparison pictures.



-With Open IV, go to mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/timecycle/timecycle_mods_1.xml, extract the file to some
random location, open with any text editor and search this line:
modifier name="nextgen" numMods="5" userFlags="0"

-Add below:
0.075 0.000
0.000 0.001

Same with:
modifier name="NG_first" numMods="11" userFlags="0"

-Add below:
0.075 0.000
0.000 0.001


I decided to just include a readme, because editing the file is extremely easy, just a few lines must be added, and since many users have graphic mods installed, replacing the file will make them to lose their custom graphic mods :)

Your eyes will be eternally grateful with this, and they won't "bleed" anymore!

Mod created by LanGonCer9807
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