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Real-Life Vehicular and Pedestrian Densities fills the streets, roads, and highways with dense traffic emulating volumes we should expect to see in real-life.

All pavements will be lined with peds walking, and more peds doing various activities, even the countryside will feature a bit more peds. This mod is a one-of-a-kind - there are no other mods that do this, on this site, or any other site.

This was a work that took me since mid April to complete, and it is very thorough. This has been tested very thoroughly, and run surprisingly well.
You will now have the ultimate playground, where chaos and mayhem can now truly be had wherever you are on the map....the limits are only your imagination.


Installation instructions:

Provided are a gameconfig to support those that are still on the Super Sport DLC, and a gameconfig for those who have updated to After Hours DLC.

Launch OpenIV, click edit button, and follow the paths of the enclosed folders, and dragging files to their respective locations. Then open update 1.1 folder, and do the same to get the update.

Note: Do not try to be cute, and mix and match other files from other mods, or it will either break the game, OR you will not get any of the traffic volumes. This mod can support many maps and add-ons.

Changelog 1.1: Added more peds to Chumash Plaza, Cassidy Creek, Alien Camp, Alamo View, Raton Canyon, Cape Catfish, East Los Santos, Cypress Flats, Murrietta Heights, Mirror Park, La Mesa, and Los Santos Freeway.

Changelog 1.2: Added more peds to Slab City, reduced amount of aircraft crashing into the pier, and added support for World of Variety.

Changelog 1.3: This update puts rival gangs in hoods - not every territory on the map - ONLY in the ghettos such as Strawberry, South Los Santos, Rancho, Los Puerta, La Mesa, Murrieta Heights, Banning, Mission Row, Chamberlain, Davis, Cypress Flats, El Burro, Little Seoul, and Vespucci.

Changelog 1.4: Added support for Dispatch of Variety.

Changelog 1.5: Fixed innacurate ped values for WOV popcycle. Adds addional peds to areas in Vespucci that needed more attention.

Changelog 1.6: This update adds rival gangs to the ghettos for WOV support. You only need this if you are using World of Variety, and want rival gangs in select hoods.

Changelog 1.7: This is a BIG update. It adds more walking peds on pavement in Morningwood and Los Santos International Airport, and it puts more stationary peds outside the Del Perro Metro station, and adds much more peds inside the metro itself!. Once you are at the airport, please be sure to check out what I have done with metro station. You will LOVE it!

Changelog 1.8: This update adds more peds outside and inside the metro stations in Little Seoul and Rockford Hills. It also adds more walking peds and stationary peds In Rockford Hills East and West.

Changelog 1.9: This update is ONLY a fix to the After Hours gameconfig - I found a missing paramter and an innacurate value for another paramter, that MAY be causing CTDs while loading.

Changelog 2.0: Adds both walking and stationary peds to pavements overlooked in Vinewood, East Los Santos (Take notice to the park there as well), and Los Santos Freeway. NOTE: Make sure to grab the update from the 1.9 folder as well - this will fix crashes for those who are on the latest game version!

Changelog 2.1: Puts peds on the yacht near the pier in Del Perro. Adds more peds to Alamo Sea, Sandy Shores, Senora Hills, Sandy Shores Airfield, Countryside, and Cape Catfish. Note: The yacht will not be what it should be without this - - need music playing so it doesn't look funny with peds partying without music playing in the background.

Changelog 2.2: This small update makes some corrections to some peds on the yacht, and also adds more peds inside the yacht.

Changelog 2.3: This update adds more walking peds at the stadium - now there is a good mixture of both stationary and walking peds. Also adds more walking peds on pavement I neglected in Los Puerta near the stadium.

Changelog 2.4: This update adds peds to the canals in Vespucci. Now there are NO pavements that do not have peds on them.

Changelog 2.5: Adds peds in balconies in Vespucci Canals and adds more stationary peds, adds some peds at the country club, and corrects a seated ped on the yacht.

Changelog 2.6: Adds walking peds on the pavements of Ulsa, Richman, and the block around the golf course.

Changelog 2.7: Adds walking peds on the pavements of Eclipse.

Changelog 2.8: Proposes a fix for the golf course, which was crashing the game when entering this area.

Changelog 2.9: Adds peds to the yacht north of the one by the pier, across from Pacific Bluffs.

Changelog 3.0: This small update increases the amount of peds that can look at something at the same time. Default was 40, which I raised to 60.That way if 45 peds look at some shocking event, the game won't crash. I also raised a couple other values to increase stability, and raised the streaming engine values considerably to help render in objects better when using lots of ymaps.

Changelog 3.1: This update does not add anything, it only idiot-proofs the installation procedure by condensing all files into the fewest folders possible.

Changelog 3.2: Fixes crashes for those using WOV After Hours update.

Changelog 3.3: Adds walking peds on a block I neglected in South Vespucci, adds walking peds around the courtyard behind Muscle Beach in Vespucci, adds peds walking onto the pier from Vespucci promenade, and adds walking peds on pavement right next to the pier and the car park.

Changelog 3.4: Fixes a bug in the pier.ymt that might cause game to crash when nearing it. Adds more stationary and walking peds all over the pier, including where the roller coaster is. Adds more stationary and walking peds on three blocks I neglected in Vespucci.

Changelog 3.5: Adds a little bit more vehicles to the countryside. I will be trying to do this for all areas over time, and will try to make it so rush-hour feels like rush-hour everywhere on the map.

Changelog 3.6: Adds walking peds on the foot-trails in Pacific Bluffs, across from Hotel Von Crastenburgh, and adds walking peds on the spiral staircase heading towards the overhead walkway.

Changelog 3.7: More vehicular traffic added mainly in urban areas, but also a tiny bit more in the countryside. I just had an amazing play-through in the La Mesa/Rancho area - so much going on there with the traffic and peds. I will further increase these where ever I can find where they are needed. Stay tuned. Make sure you are also using this mod for the greatest effects -

Notes: If you don't already have this plugin, DL and put this in your game folder where gta5.exe is. It will bring stability to your game, and make your gaming experience much better -

Also, make sure you have these plugins as well - they go inside the same folder as where gta5.exe is -


Dexyfex for his wonderful program in Codewalker, which was intrumental in making this happen. Big applause for him, and his contributions to the community!

A BIG shoutout to my friend Jevi, for all the advice, knowledge, and support he has given since I started this four months ago. He was the guy who approached me on this idea when I started, the one who planted the seed if you will. He was a major asset in helping me make this a thing, and tolerated a lot, while I was trying to make everything work. Thanks again my friend, I could not have done this without you!

Recommended Hardware:

8 Gb of system memory
A modern-aged CPU (You should know what that means)
A graphics card with a minimum of 4 Gb of vRam, 6 Gb or higher is preferre
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