Parkour animations

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A pack of parkour animations ( included 10 animations + 24 animations second pack). video preview :

installing for single player: put in ycd file any rpf archive with animations, for example \GTAV\mods\x64c.rpf\anim\ingame , after that you can play the animations by using Menyoo (don't forget to add the name of the animations to the animation list beforehand)

animation list (you need add this lines in \GTAV\menyooStuff\ PedAnimList.txt) :

parkour@anims big_jump_01
parkour@anims front_twist_flip
parkour@anims jump_over_01
parkour@anims jump_over_02
parkour@anims slide_kip_up
parkour@anims jump_over_03
parkour@anims slide_backside
parkour@anims slide
parkour@anims swing_jump
parkour@anims wall_flip

parkour_part_2@anim wallrun_left_side
parkour_part_2@anim wallrun_right_side
parkour_part_2@anim balance_idle
parkour_part_2@anim balance_jump_f
parkour_part_2@anim balance_run
parkour_part_2@anim diveroll_l
parkour_part_2@anim diveroll_r
parkour_part_2@anim kash_vault
parkour_part_2@anim ledge_corner_outer_l
parkour_part_2@anim ledge_corner_outer_r
parkour_part_2@anim ledge_idle
parkour_part_2@anim ledge_jump_l
parkour_part_2@anim ledge_jump_r
parkour_part_2@anim ledge_jump_up
parkour_part_2@anim ledge_jump_up_power
parkour_part_2@anim ledge_move_l
parkour_part_2@anim ledge_move_r
parkour_part_2@anim monkey_vault
parkour_part_2@anim revers_l_vault
parkour_part_2@anim roll_a_vault
parkour_part_2@anim safety_l_vault
parkour_part_2@anim slide_r_vault
parkour_part_2@anim tictak_l_vault
parkour_part_2@anim tictak_r_vault

animations taken from site Mixamo
autor original animations from second pack by QwertNikol
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