Los Santos Realistic Taxis, the realistic cabs [OpenIV] 3.4

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- Game version compatible with the latest World of Variety version,
- World of Variety,
- Latest OpenIV,
- Mods folder in OpenIV.

OTHER MODS (Optional)

- Real Ford Crow Victoria taxis with real Los Angeles taxi companies: Los Angeles project taxis all the L.A taxis.
- Driving Dilettante, Aterstope and Minivan to waypoint: Driver Mod.
- Taxi missions in all taxis: Enhanced Taxi Missions.


This mod spawns multiple varied taxi cars in Los Santos and increase number of them in the traffic and makes it pretty.

This mod content colors and liveries mods for 4 taxi cars:
- Vapid Stanier,
- Karin Dilettante,
- Karin Aterstope,
- Chyster Minivan.

The 7 liveries are:
- Downtown Cab Co.,
- Yellow Car Co.,
- United Taxi,
- Dong Cab,
- City Taxi,
- Rockford Hills Cab,
- Independent Taxi.
(Inspired from Checker Cab Co., Yellow Cab Co., United Independent, Bell Cab, City Cab, Beverly Hills Cab and Independent Cab Co. from the real Los Angeles).


OIV pakage installation available.
This mod content "compatibility with IVpack" option.
The full instruction txt file to install is included.
Please read the instruction before installing the mod.


- Added OIV pakage installation for fast and simple installation of the mod,
- Added compatibility with new version of "World of Variety".

- Fixed Minivan and some staniers taxis have a little suitable interrior textures,
- Improved Minivan.

- Configured compatibility with new version of "World of Variety",
- Added 4 more options,
- Added fixes for all issues.

- Configured compatibility with new version of "World of Variety".

- Added varied taxi ads,
- Replaced "Driver carries" text with varied taxi numbers,
- Added new spawning methode,
- Added tinted windows to Minivan taxi,
- Added alloy tires to Minivan taxi,
- Removed all remaining taxis from Blain county,
- Configured the real number of taxis (more Staniers than other taxis),
- Configured the real number of liveries (more "Yellow Car Co." than other liveries),
- Improved Yellow Car Co., United Taxi, City Taxi, Rockford Hills Cab and Independent Taxi liveries,
- Improved Downtown Cab Co. and Rockford Hills Cab colors,
- Removed "a lot of taxis" option.

- Fixed some model names for IVpack option,
- Fixed low number of Staniers in traffics.

- Configured new number of taxis,
- Improved Downtown Cab Co., City Taxi, Rockford Hills Cab and Independent Taxi liveries,
- Improved Downtown Cab Co., United Taxi, Rockford Hills Cab and Independent Taxi colors,
- Added compatibility with IVpack,
- Fixed lot of Minivans in "a lot of taxis" option.

- Added Minivan taxi,
- Added new number of taxis with 2 options.

- First release.


The Chyster Minivan taxi was edited in IVpack mod by Vanillaworks team.
The Karin Aterstope and Dilettante was edited in World of Variety by Community.

Many thanks to:
- Openiv team,
- Vanillaworks team,
- Community,
- Cass.


Mods i'm planning to make:
- Personal Driver Service,
- Personal Pilot,
- John Wick Weapon Sounds (makes weapon sounds like the movie john wick),
- Prison Mod (if the player gets arrested he goes to the prison),
- Valet Parking Service (a vip service).

Mods i'm planing to update:
- Los Santos Bus Service,
- Long Travel Bus Service,
- Los Santos Realistic Taxis,
- Coil Features,
- Fuel Reloaded,
- Police Car Eliminator,
- Los Santos Flight Service.

My discord: WTLS#8221

My Patreon is where to support me:

Do NOT redistribute or reupload without getting permission from the author of the reuploaded file!

Development status: searching for time...
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